Invocation to the Eclipse



I want to feel my breath with every take,

take the place that can fit no more

and spread it open as an arrow,

till the air escapes me

in cyclones and hurricanes.

I want to peel off

These skins of suffering

in waxen coils

that melt with every sigh


I want to eat the sun until

it burns my insides pure,

and frees them from the coldness there.

I want to push my heart out

So that it fills with blood,

then make more blood until

it swells like the sea

and my blood runs like rivers through the street,

howling at the passers by.


I want to feel and be every lick of wind as it hits my skin.

I want to call the birds

with a gasp and a wink

feel feathers on my face

falling in quill pricked

legions of lesions

through my flesh.

Until the wings which are my own

shred through my scalpulae

and make my muscles molt.


I want to suck the entire world in through my cunt,

A reverse birth, the antichrist

To FEEL the feelings of all things

in unison

in eternity

And SCREAM it back out through my throat

over my teeth

I want to shout into heaven until the ocean gives way

into a shrill and surrenderous song

that bursts into light

replacing my eyes with fireflies

so I can see

I want to pry

Through the spirals

Inside my ears

Till they part wide open

so they may hear

and love and receive

the voice my spirit calls to me with,

that I shall never falter

in hearing and acting

upon its message.

I pray for love to slither

Stealthily into all my slits

and snake its way

to the deepest darkest place

in my bones

and pierce me with its arrowish barbs,

clinging itself to me

in an enduring unbreakable embrace.

Bound to me tighter

than the anger that

can grip my heart.

-White Witch




Amplify the Reminders

So you just think that every quark within your being decided to spin in unison, align painstakingly and perfectly, in an all together accidental arrangement, as if an orchestra of strangers randomly assembled producing a perfect performance in sublime sympathetic symphony?

So you think the fact that arrangements of matter can create anything from elephants to rocket ships and then be broken and burned and re-arranged again into other and all manner of forms in a taureal zephyr, all the while this thing that is energy remains uncreated/indestructible in an eternal dance that happens by chance?

Would you dare to imagine that each and every spark that is produced so laboriously by every single cell contained within the sack that covers and shields the meat that is your heart, that this is made to BREATHE and pulse together endlessly, rhythmically, devotedly, unerringly to drive and propel the rest of the sausagey sinews which strewn upon your bones, so severely sensuously my love, languish in gravity’s grasp, that this same heart could with each start and stop resurrect from the dead and life givingly charge your entire being with absolutely no sentient impulse?

Exorcise yourself of these fantasies! Cure yourself of your madness! Accept that you are an infinite being capable of creation, love and perfection, able to achieve golden powers that subdue decay, corruption and evil in every breath that is taken in the direction of truth.

Shame on you for self indulgent shame and every moment wasted and not spent in agony at the reverie and wonder and miracles that are laid before your gaze and being that is equipped with thousands of sensory receptors within every inch of its flesh to navigate, investigate and participate with the wrenchingly gorgeous array of rainbow, delicious, painful and fearsome, succulent and arid, horrible delightful display that is the cacophonous melody of the existence that is happening now.

-White Witch



Grand Cross Astrology Revelations April 23rd 2014

Welcome to the paradox,

let the cross show you the true meaning of reconciliation through opposition of duality.


You must love everything, and I do mean, from the depths of the deepest abyss everything,

with the ferocity of a starving beast.

And yet,

be able,

and willing,

to shrug it all off, rolling it and winding it,

in the breadth of a slice of light,

without the loss

of a drop of blood,

that is the love

that is winding, that is rolling

forming tighter and tighter spirals

all around you

until you have formed

the diamond that is being.

Faceting all the light, which emerges from the darkness,

of the abyss

from which you dared to love.


-White Witch




E A R T H = H E A R T The Secret of Green

green (n., adj.) Look up green at from PIE root *ghre- “grow”

grow (v.) Look up grow at Dictionary.comOld English growan (of plants) “to grow, flourish, increase, develop, get bigger” (class VII strong verb; past tense greow, past participle growen), from Proto-Germanic *gro- (cognates: Old Norse groa, Old Frisian groia, Dutch groeien, Old High German gruoen), from PIE root *ghre- (see grass). Applied in Middle English to human beings (c.1300) and animals (early 15c.) and their parts, supplanting Old English weaxan (see wax (v.)).

Have you ever heard anything about God, Topsy? … Do you know who made you?” “Nobody, as I knows on,” said the child. … “I spect I grow’d. Don’t think nobody never made me.” [Harriet B. Stowe, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” 1851]

From this particular viewpoint, the Holy Grail is undoubtedly a type of the ark or vessel in which the life of the world is preserved and therefore is significant of the body of the Great Mother–Nature. Its green color relates it to Venus and to the mystery of generation; also to the Islamic faith, whose sacred color is green and whose Sabbath is Friday, the day of Venus.”

Nearly every Native American tribe used green face paint as an aid to night vision. (Palmer, 2006)

Languages where green and blue are one color:

In some languages, including old ChineseThai, old Japanese, and Vietnamese, the same word can mean either blue or green.[14] The Chinese character  (pronounced qīng in Mandarinao in Japanese, and thanh in Sino-Vietnamese) has a meaning that covers both blue and green; blue and green are traditionally considered shades of ““. In more contemporary terms, they are  (lán, in Mandarin) and  (, in Mandarin) respectively. Japanese also has two terms that refer specifically to the color green,  (midori, which is derived from the classical Japanese descriptive verb midoru“to be in leaf, to flourish” in reference to trees) and グリーン (guriin, which is derived from the English word “green”). However, in Japan, although the traffic lights have the same colors that other countries have, the green light is described using the same word as for blue, “aoi”, because green is considered a shade of aoi; similarly, green variants of certain fruits and vegetables such as green apples, green shiso (as opposed to red apples and red shiso) will be described with the word “aoi”. Vietnamese uses a single word for both blue and green, xanh, with variants such as xanh da trời (azure, lit. “sky blue”), lam (blue), and lục (green; also xanh lá cây, lit. “leaf green”).

“Green” in modern European languages corresponds to about 520–570 nm, but many historical and non-European languages make other choices, e.g. using a term for the range of ca. 450–530 nm (“blue/green”) and another for ca. 530–590 nm (“green/yellow”).[citation needed] In the comparative study of color terms in the world’s languages, green is only found as a separate category in languages with the fully developed range of six colors (white, black, red, green, yellow, and blue), or more rarely in systems with five colors (white, red, yellow, green, and black/blue).[15] (See distinction of green from blue)[16] These languages have introduced supplementary vocabulary to denote “green”, but these terms are recognizable as recent adoptions that are not in origin color terms (much like the English adjective orange being in origin not a color term but the name of a fruit). Thus, the Thai word เขียว besides meaning “green” also means “rank” and “smelly” and holds other unpleasant associations.[17]

The Celtic languages had a term for “blue/green/grey”, Proto-Celtic *glasto-, which gave rise to Old Irish glas “green, grey” and to Welsh glas “blue”. This word is cognate with the Ancient Greek γλαυκός “bluish green”, contrasting with χλωρός “yellowish green” discussed above.

In modern Japanese, the term for green is , while the old term for “blue/green”, blue ( Ao?) now means “blue”. But in certain contexts, green is still conventionally referred to as 青, as inblue traffic light (青信号 ao shingō?) and blue leaves (青葉 aoba?), reflecting the absence of blue-green distinction in old Japanese (more accurately, the traditional Japanese color terminology grouped some shades of green with blue, and others with yellow tones).

The Persian language is traditionally lacking a black/blue/green distinction. The Persian word سبز sabz can mean “green”, “black”, or “dark”. Thus, Persian erotic poetry, dark-skinned women are addressed as sabz-eh, as in phrases like سبز گندم گون sabz-eh-gandom-gun (literally “dark wheat colored”) or سبز مليح sabz-eh-malih (“a dark beauty”).[18] Similarly, in Sudanese Arabic, dark-skinned people are described as أخضر akhḍar, the term which in Standard Arabic stands unambiguously for “green”.[19]



To other alchemists who worked primarily with vegetable matter and processes, rather than the mineral work, the Green Lion was an image of the green raw energy of nature, “the green fuse which drives the flower” as Dylan Thomas elegantly expressed it in one of his poems. Here the Green Lion which devours the sun is the green pigment chlorophyll. The green leaves of the plant are formed out of the energy of sunlight. Alchemists often attempted to create living processes in their flasks and looked especially for precipitates or crystallisations which resembled leaves or plant forms. The Green Lion here could be a plant sap extract which was often the prima materia for their alchemical work. The Gryphon, half-eagle and half-lion, was sometimes associated with the end of this stage. The eagle nature of the Gryphon gave this hybrid being an ability to ascend in the flask, so it marked, in a sense, the spiritualisation of the Green Lion.



Ideogrammic compound (會意):  (growth of plants) +  (cinnabar) –  represents growing plants. Cinnabar was used for dying items red, implying color which red stands as the most representative form of. Giving the meaning “color of growing plants”, hence blue-green.

Top component is cognate to  (grass), but bottom component now resembles the unrelated  (moon).



The Reflection


Those things you hide from your own eyes,
safe from the fire light called “realize”
they carve themselves upon the mask that is your face,
each evening when light goes down in bows of grace,
The dark emerges, hungry in all directions
seeking that which has not reached perfection
With morning light comes but the chance
to face the mask again, again repeat the dance.
Prying eyes must upon themselves use force
remembering their ancient source.
The ones who have nothing from this place to fear
Have shed all snakes, and through the venom freedom made clear.
The destination can be found on any ground from womb to tomb
it drips within our hearts in phoenix tears of honey comb

-White Witch