Amplify the Reminders

So you just think that every quark within your being decided to spin in unison, align painstakingly and perfectly, in an all together accidental arrangement, as if an orchestra of strangers randomly assembled producing a perfect performance in sublime sympathetic symphony?

So you think the fact that arrangements of matter can create anything from elephants to rocket ships and then be broken and burned and re-arranged again into other and all manner of forms in a taureal zephyr, all the while this thing that is energy remains uncreated/indestructible in an eternal dance that happens by chance?

Would you dare to imagine that each and every spark that is produced so laboriously by every single cell contained within the sack that covers and shields the meat that is your heart, that this is made to BREATHE and pulse together endlessly, rhythmically, devotedly, unerringly to drive and propel the rest of the sausagey sinews which strewn upon your bones, so severely sensuously my love, languish in gravity’s grasp, that this same heart could with each start and stop resurrect from the dead and life givingly charge your entire being with absolutely no sentient impulse?

Exorcise yourself of these fantasies! Cure yourself of your madness! Accept that you are an infinite being capable of creation, love and perfection, able to achieve golden powers that subdue decay, corruption and evil in every breath that is taken in the direction of truth.

Shame on you for self indulgent shame and every moment wasted and not spent in agony at the reverie and wonder and miracles that are laid before your gaze and being that is equipped with thousands of sensory receptors within every inch of its flesh to navigate, investigate and participate with the wrenchingly gorgeous array of rainbow, delicious, painful and fearsome, succulent and arid, horrible delightful display that is the cacophonous melody of the existence that is happening now.

-White Witch



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