Invocation to the Eclipse



I want to feel my breath with every take,

take the place that can fit no more

and spread it open as an arrow,

till the air escapes me

in cyclones and hurricanes.

I want to peel off

These skins of suffering

in waxen coils

that melt with every sigh


I want to eat the sun until

it burns my insides pure,

and frees them from the coldness there.

I want to push my heart out

So that it fills with blood,

then make more blood until

it swells like the sea

and my blood runs like rivers through the street,

howling at the passers by.


I want to feel and be every lick of wind as it hits my skin.

I want to call the birds

with a gasp and a wink

feel feathers on my face

falling in quill pricked

legions of lesions

through my flesh.

Until the wings which are my own

shred through my scalpulae

and make my muscles molt.


I want to suck the entire world in through my cunt,

A reverse birth, the antichrist

To FEEL the feelings of all things

in unison

in eternity

And SCREAM it back out through my throat

over my teeth

I want to shout into heaven until the ocean gives way

into a shrill and surrenderous song

that bursts into light

replacing my eyes with fireflies

so I can see

I want to pry

Through the spirals

Inside my ears

Till they part wide open

so they may hear

and love and receive

the voice my spirit calls to me with,

that I shall never falter

in hearing and acting

upon its message.

I pray for love to slither

Stealthily into all my slits

and snake its way

to the deepest darkest place

in my bones

and pierce me with its arrowish barbs,

clinging itself to me

in an enduring unbreakable embrace.

Bound to me tighter

than the anger that

can grip my heart.

-White Witch




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