I Am As An Animal




I can hear the cry of my spirit

It shrieks and moans

Please please please

Love love love

Dream dream dream

But then

I feel


I am possessed

as if I have a second skin

I am as an animal

It only wants to eat

the black hole of desire

Such is the nature of the suffering of the world.

When the call to consume

defeats and deafens

the screams of dreams and love,

the entities and enemies swarm with delight

as baleful bees

apocalypse is accomplished

through strategic orchestration

the vampire invited over the threshold

just for the thrill

The satanic invocation

The promethean deception

is the trick of the light

That in order for our spirit to survive this world

It must murder our animal

But just you Try

To kill an animal

With naught but feathers of wings

And gossamer rainbow light.

-White Witch


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