Sleep is Death Except for Breath



How awake do you think you are?

Do you think you are awake now?

Here is a game for you to play.


Try and see how long you can remember that you are breathing.

Try and see how long you can feel your breath

fill your body in a crashing wave

and pour out in waterfalls

before your mind,

wanderer that it is,

stuck in the tar of a spell of forgetting

goes back to its oblivion.

Can you feel it now?  Have these words placed your mind within yourself again?

For these shapes are a road entering your eyes

and will lead you to yourself who you are striving to ignore

but only if you make an action

small but sure and everyday

try and make it 5 minutes,

feeling every breath.

Can you feel your chest rise and fall for one whole day?

a week?

a year?


Are your strong arms

ready for the task

of grabbing the bird that is your spirit

and never letting go?

or will you grow weary

and give up

to rest in the river.


Just as your breath shall go on

uncalled, unthought of,  unconscious,

(even when you are sleeping)

at any moment we choose,

we can control it completely and be fully aware of it,

so too the soul may rise into our awareness, although currently unknown

waiting patiently

all the while driving the force of every breath

(known or unknown)

Turn your direction to it only slightly

and your spirit drops in

as your own mind to your breathing.

-White Witch




The Saintanist



Are you confused my dear?

When I frown from ear to ear?

Are you troubled

by my double

who so frequently appears?


if you might but see your eyes

when all is dark and deep and still

hear your voice while whispering

you could give birth to what you kill

we would slip through together

past the veil of wrongful woe

this misdirected stormy weather

at what must or must not be so

I am the priest who fornicates

yet remains devout regardless

the one does not negate its mate

in this land of hippocampus


You can do it if you try

already you are dead while living

because all moments you pass by

exist in half formed grieving

is there a breath you can recall?

or did it rise and fall

a stale decomposition

If you cease such self punishments

remain expansive and feeling small

we may depart until we meet

in no time at all

-White Witch







The Secret of the King of Wands



I am part wanderer

I am part rooted tree

splinters shudder and strain

at invisible chains

to hold for eternity

what luck what love

a chance mistake was made

a rip in the seam

that madness forgave

the wheel can turn upstream

follow me

only the fool

burns the cross

upon which he is laid

but the fire

my love,

the burning Pyr

is the only

way to leave

just ask the sun

Till wood and wind are one

-White Witch


Happy 4th of July Apocalypse Scarab Locust Scorpion Destroyer Synchronicity day


SO a HUGE Bright Green Scarab beetle flew, very noisily I might add, onto my window RIGHT next to where I was sitting on my couch.

I got a picture of him:




One of my friends, Sammy Sayed,  noticed that the shadow looked like a SCORPION.

Another friend sent along this link when he saw the picture:

About the relationship of the zodiac sign Cancer, where the sun is presently, (conjuncting my natal Saturn) and the scarab beetle in ancient Egypt.

THEN, my spiritual teacher Dr. Kelvin Dewolfe sends me a link to a youtube video of someone describing their dream in which they had a vision of the end of days,  He sees a big aztec man wearing an eagle mask approach him with a human woman, he says, “do you worship the same god”? the eagle mask dude says “God? who is God?” and the dreaming dude says, ” you know, like… God?, Jesus Christ?” and the eagle dude says, we don’t know any god, we worship the 5 fellows of the wishing well.

then he sees everything is getting destroyed,

and in the dream there are “alien type of creatures with scorpion tails, they are eating everyone”

this sounds familiar to me, like a MANTICORE, so I look up MANTICORE

and see:

“in this section we are going to focus on the locusts from the pit, which seem to resemble the Manticore. According to Revelation, the locusts from the pit are described as follows: “And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.” – Revelation 9:7-10 The picture of the Manticore is a very close match to the description in Revelation 9, with the exception of the missing crown. It was called the Manticore (man eater) because it only attacked humans, just like the locusts in Revelation 9. This same creature also appears in the legends of India and Greece, but why? Now that we have a brief understanding of the history of hybrids, in the next chapter we will look at how they tie into modern times.” –


And then I look up “Locust” and see, its back to Beetle and the crab/lobster:

locust (n.1) Look up locust at“grasshopper,” early 14c., borrowed earlier in Old French form languste (c.1200), from Latin locusta “locust, lobster” (see lobster).

In the Hebrew Bible there are nine different names for the insect or for particular species or varieties; in the English Bible they are rendered sometimes ‘locust,’ sometimes ‘beetle,’ ‘grasshopper,’ ‘caterpillar,’ ‘palmerworm,’ etc. The precise application of several names is unknown. [OED]

So then Kelvin sends me a link about ABIOGENESIS

SO then I check my facebook and my Friend Adam Parfrey posts this link:

With this tagline:

“We no longer have reptilian overlords; they have been overcome by insectoid overlords.”

SO then I look up ABBADDON and Revelations 9:11 find:

We can learn a lesson from Lucifer. Beware of the sins of others. We cannot look at another mans sin without being corrupted by that sin. We desire what we look upon. God provided the necessary wings to cover the north place, and it would not have been necessary for Lucifer to look upon Abaddon’s sin, yet he did. Like wise, Gods Word teaches us that love covereth a multitude of sins. When the heart is filled with Gods love, it is easy to spread out the spiritual wings of love and cover the sins of others. The fact that we cover another persons sin does not mean that we condone sin. We cover sin in order to protect ourselves from being corrupted. We become what we look upon. This is why Lucifer fell as he did.
God over-rules the destructiveness of sin, and continues His rule and reign where sin has sought to take over. Abaddon and his angels sinned in the prehistoric heaven, making the north place empty and desolate. Nevertheless, God covered the stones of emptiness, established His Throne there, and continued His rule and reign. Likewise, when Abaddon and his followers passed their sin of perversion to prehistoric man and animal, causing the prehistoric earth to come under the waters of Gods judgment, which brought darkness, formlessness, and emptiness, God again asserted His ruling power through His Spirit and His Word. God brought forth a new order of light and life out of the emptiness and death of the old order. Thus, the present age began. Then, once again, an angel sinned in heaven. Lucifer, rejecting his appointed place on the south, determining to ascend up into the north where Gods Throne rested, led another angelic revolt. Lucifer and his angels were cast out into the earth and into hell. Although hell was to be the headquarters for Lucifer and his angels, he is not confined there. He still has access to the heavens and the earth to carry on his warfare.

SO then I go out to a Chinese restaurant and this is my fortune:


So then my friend THE BLACK MARE sends me an email with this quote in it:
“All dunces, all punished, let’s all spit on one another and-hurry! To the little-ease! Each tries to spit first, that’s all. I’ll  tell you a big secret, mon cher. Don’t wait for the Last Judgement. It takes place every day. ” -Albert Camus, The Fall


 So just mind your business, and enjoy your 4th of july. No one is Guilty.


The Secret of The Chariot

The Secret of the Chariot


I am the beast before me

Sentenced to forever follow behind the Sun above me

That I am.

Placed as a protector, a carrier,

A steed made of mirror

Reflecting its light, which is given and taken away

In intermediate intervals ~

That seem so cruel and cold.

“I never move at all”, says the sun

In answer to my complaints

“It is you who hide me from yourself”

Turning to and fro

until you are ill

Protect and guard the conduct of your will

And I shall take you in my wings

To ascend when fleshy tasks are done.

But to deny me,

Oh my lover,

Oh my love,

To defy me,

And to follow instead

The murderous voice that pounds, writhing in your dying, mud made form

If you allow this serpent,

primitive and sewn together from fear,

to slander me with your symptoms of suffering

If you permit your gross desires

To take my place

In your heart

For but a moment, of a sliver of a fraction of


Well then my love,

My lover,

I shall wait for you.

I shall not punish you.

But rather,

Shall never cease my own beingness,

Which can be swayed by none

there are no tides upon me

that can be turned by gravity

So I continue

Regardless of your choices.

And shall welcome you in my open arms,

As soon as

You choose me.

Your spirit

Oh your soul,

I follow you as an albatross does a ship at sea.

Hoping for the North wind to turn

You back to me.


-White Witch


The Love Curse Blessing




I set a CURSE upon my enemies and those who defy me!!

With these words I send to those who have wished me harm

A CURSE to live their lives

fulfilled, abundant and overflowing with joy!!

I set a swarm of healing honey bees to rest upon their doorstep,

humming soothing songs to rid all pain and suffering!!

I shall pluck the blood from the strings of my veins

and use its nectar to concoct the most poisonous cure

that shall cause the blood that flows inside them

to be rid of all disease, age and woe!!

I call upon the merciless deserts to torture them

with the warm glow of happiness

that ice never may grow in their glare

I eat the lips that speak my demon’s name

with kisses deep and pure

gently sucking all the venom from their tongues

I send to them that hate me with a hatred in their heart of hearts,

a ceaseless, fountainous LOVE in all its forms

and eternal rest in the cool darkness that is peace.

I am sending and will send forever,

To them, to me and to all,

the sweet relief of knowledge of all good and evil,

The power and the fire to set our souls to RISE

That on this ascended platform

we may laugh and make merry

for all time that is and all times that be

till time itself is me

– White Witch