Winter Solstice Sacrifice 2015: Gather the light in the Darkness

This Solstice, as part of my WAY OF THE DRAGON PRACTICE,

I’ll be staying awake for four days to end the illusion of darkness.

waken the sleeper,

sound the shofar

#stay awake

How do you get past darkness though?

Can you see past the night sky?  Through it?

the following realizations were made in conjunction with and presented by the teachings of Dr. Kelvin Dewolfe.

Just as the stars are hidden behind the veil of the sun in the brightest parts of the day,

So too, the stars are occulting something.

If we were to imagine the atmosphere surrounding our earth as “goggles” through which we see,

The earth ITSELF reflects back on its self and obscures its own visibility through its own sheath when the sun is present.

The TRUE glimpse of the cosmos as it appears is visible ONLY in the absence of the sun, at night.

So true is this phenomenon of our own spirits.

They hide from our conscious knowledge during the day,

Buried in a river of thinking,

And at night they call the shots in our dreams.


In the day, when the sun is out,

Our ego too is out,

In full array and on display as a roostery peacock.

Begging for, and desiring nothing but attention and adulation.

It is the ego that forms the goggles

In ourselves

That reflect back upon us, nothing but our own hot gaseous cloud that we can’t see through.

This is affectionately called “the Aura” in many traditions, but really, its more like astral poop that we rub upon ourselves in our own minds that collects and makes a kind of clogged sewer that we look through all day when we are, what we are currently calling “awake”, but which in fact is NOT awake at all. Additionally, the collective goggles of everyone doing the same thing makes a massive miasma that floats around like poopy booby traps you can fall in.  The state is like a continuation of a somnambulist state, much like dreaming, only we are actually FIGHTING really dreaming in our conscious state, and we try to control everything, thus actually PREVENTING our true ability to awaken AND dream at the same time.

Now, the reason I know this is true is very simple.

You can do certain things that can “clear your toilet” so to speak and allow you to actually SEE THROUGH your own poo factory of endless streaming bullshitty thoughts.

When you DO see through, what you see is talked about, written about, drawn about and everything else about in every single culture on the planet earth.


I’m not going to explain in this in any kind of detail, because all you have to do is experience it. There’s no need to have philosophical discussions about it, or make scientific theories about 4th dimensions and blah blah blah. It is really much simpler than that, and takes a short amount of time and concentration to have the entire situation made crystal clear.

In Egypt this process is described in “The Book of Coming Forth By Day”

Also known (horribly mistranslated I might add) as “The Book of the Dead”.

“Coming Forth by Day” is quite literally, as I described above, being able to actually exist as your “true” spirit self that is there in your dream time (at night) while you are awake while the Sun is out (during the day). It is how to have your ego self and your dream self together.


In a marriage.

This is called the Mysterium Conjunctio, the Alchemical wedding and is the meaning of “Hatha Yoga”, to yoke the sun and moon together in union.


So imagine for a moment,

That you are the planet earth

You see only blue sky, the Sun is out, it is day.

From the Sun’s perspective the sky is not blue at all, its just you, seeing your own particles (emotions) reflected in your goggles. Venus sees the sun and earth entirely differently, and another galaxy would see it different still.  Imagine how something “past” all the galaxies would see it?

So in order for you, the planet Earth so see the rest of all the planets and stars and everything, you can only do it when the presence of the sun is not shining its influence upon you,

Kind of like if you are driving a car at night,

When its just you with your headlights you can see everything great, but when another car is heading towards you, flashing its lights in your face, suddenly ITS LIGHT obscures YOUR OWN LIGHT, and you can not see, just as your ego keeps your spirit from view.

The trick is, how do you see the stars during the day?

Is it possible to see the stars during the day?

The answer is yes,

But what is necessary?

A Telescope, or amplification device.

Something that can concentrate the vision over a long distance.

Lenses are made, much like the lenses in our own eyes only bigger. With a higher concentrative ability than ourselves. Or so they say.

Despite this seemingly logical conclusion that we human beings CANT see the stars with our naked eyes during the day, there are in fact many, many tales from the ancient worlds of those who COULD see the stars during the day. They did it through concentration, much like a telescope.

“I witnessed the flight of a buddhist monk, the monk flew a dozen meters over the alpine plateau.  He was bouncing off the ground like tennis ball to rise to the air again and again.  He kept his eyes on some guiding star. hanging somewhere in the distance.  The monk was the only person who could see the star in broad daylight.”

-Alexandra David Neel, Magic and Mysticism in Tibet

Hold in your mind the image of the Earth, needing to see through its own veil, to get to reality.



That the entire night sky

And full array of stars

Are but another layer

Of the same thing.

Like lifting up a skirt, only to find another skirt.

Or like a nesting doll.

In Egypt, there is a goddess of the night sky who is depicted as “covering” everything

This is how,

the darkness turns to dawn.

-White Witch


Killing all the evil men isn’t gonna work (or in the case of the Nazi’s giving them social security)

Plans for control of the evil forces that have been loosed in the world, attempts to compensate the evil- doing by good works or sympathy for the victims, efforts to safeguard the peace or to effect ideal solutions of all the material problems involved, can do little to change the nature of the situation. The real problem, namely, the question of what can be done for civilization in face of the nonhuman forces arising from the collective unconscious in thousands or rather millions of individual persons, will remain untouched. However, if only one human being has met and solved the problem in himself, he will be a living demonstration of a solution. Such an individual carries with him the germ of a renaissance of the spiritual values of mankind.
M.E. Harding — Psychic Energy



The Hydra can invade the COPS and would be good guys, brothers, sisters, it is creeping into the Earth herself

like in the matrix where anyone can be an agent, the hydra gets in all.

(seal your vessel)

WE can force and direct hatred at the cops for their heinous acts, we can force disbelief and indignation at IS groups, all the while building a justification for their eradication and punishment.  Have not nations, tribes, and clans done the same for thousands of years? REQUIRE and DEMAND Justice, defend yourself as necessary, but do not for a moment identify the individuals as the enemy and miss the snake crawling underfoot.  HOW CAN AN INDIVIDUAL BE REMOVED FROM THE REST OF HISTORY?  How many times do we do the same play? WE ARE A HEAVING MASS AS A JELLYFISH, being one with everything is acceptance of this jellyfish and not separating your self , in Justice laden offense, from fellow humans.  To not do so is the same as blaming your PANCREAS for giving you cancer!!!

So the hydra grows.

do you not think, the police officer had done the same, built massive justification as to WHY it was that he felt righteous in his action?  Do not do the same to him!!  It is a virus, The ouroboros spins on such a base.  Don’t take the bait.  There is no such thing as enemies.


Leave the Melodrama of archetypes tugging your strings and become yourself


-White Witch