The Compulsion

Imagine people as actors in a play,

only they don’t know they are playing a role.

They live compulsed to action

compulsed to breathe

by their characters

They can not see nor believe this,

because their character threatens to kill them


if they imagine

themselves to be

anything other than

what it thinks it is,

which is something that is small.

But they all must let it go

let go of their characters

in order to become

real life

and join the living

life needs room to grow

and small can not expand

Do not permit your character to imprison you in smallness

learn to loosen as you turn

into a whole new person

each and every day.

-White Witch




A Summer Solstice Ode to Father’s Day

Upon this day

I cried and cried

for all my Fathers

who had died

I kept going,

couldn’t stop

Grandpas, Uncles,

the whole lot

Until I got to man himself

and saw a giant writhing form

that eats itself

from night till morn

A Sun that burns across the sky

our Father’s Fathers thus do rise

the tears gave way

the river dried

my heart had simply realized

a circle has no start or end

and all thats gone

begins again

let sorrow go

rejoice instead

for life itself

shall greet the dead

-White Witch