Astrology and the Destiny of a Prince


You guys,

I had to share this magical discovery with everyone,

In grieving the loss of Prince,

I looked at his astrological chart to see what was there,

The first thing I immediately noticed was that the moon at the time of his death,


The first Passover Full moon after the Blood moon prophecy business,

happened to land in Prince’s chart atop his North Node at zero degrees Scorpio.


The North node is known in Astrological circles as a marker of a Destiny, or fate point in Heaven which we come into contact with periodically through out our lives as Heavenly bodies pass over it.

So I looked up Prince’s North Node Degree to see if it fell on any particular fixed stars,

and indeed,

It falls upon none other than the star



Really? The Destiny point of PRINCE is conjunct the STAR CALLED PRINCE???!!!

Its too much, I mean look at this description of the star:

Delta (δ) BootesPrinceps, is a pale yellow star in the spear-shaft of the Herdsman or Ploughman.

Princeps means “Prince”, or “prime” in Latin. Wikipedia explains that the word Princeps, usually translated as “First Citizen”, was an official title for Roman Emperors.

read more HERE

For me it really felt like,

as this moon passed him,

Prince was relieved of his Earthly duties,

as he TRULY

in Heart Mind and Spirit

accomplished and lived his DESTINY

with a Lion Heart of Courage to let his Star shine bright.