A Few words on Free Will for the Coming Age


You guys,

I was so inspired to write this rant this morning when I saw this article;

That Science has discovered there is no such thing as FREE WILL


Please, please please

do yourself a favor.

read that article from top to bottom.

Understand, that it is EXACTLY CORRECT.

Right now, you have no free will, and are essentially an AUTOMATON.



There is a special secret, that these dumb dumbs don’t know.

The reason they are dumb dumbs is because this special secret, isn’t really very secret at ALL.

In fact, people have been desperately SCREAMING About it for a long, long time now.

People have been DYING in order to get this information  into the consciousness of mankind.

People have sacrificed, suffered, yes even been burned at the stake to let everyone know what this secret is.

Well guess what,

I am going to straight drop that secret RIGHT NOW!!!!!



Like making a house, this is a job that requires work. Think of it like Noah building an Ark.


No one else can do this for you,  only you can do it.

You are only an Automaton because you don’t know you are an Automaton.  This is a situation that can be rectifed through awareness work.

Then you have to do work to make your will STRONG through training and discipline.


Nisbett and Wilson’s (1977) seminal article posed the question, “To what extent are people aware of and able to report on the true causes of their behavior?” The answer was “not very well” (see also Wilson & Brekke, 1994), which was surprising and controversial at the time given the overall assumption of many that judgments and behavior (the higher mental processes) were typically consciously intended and thus available to conscious awareness. If these processes weren’t accessible to awareness, then perhaps they weren’t consciously intended, and if they weren’t consciously intended, then how in fact were they accomplished?

This latter question motivated the social psychology research into priming and automaticity effects, which investigated the ways in which the higher mental processes such as judgment and social behavior could be triggered and then operate in the absence of conscious intent and guidance. Consequently, this research operationally defined unconscious influences in terms of a lack of awareness of the influences or effects of a triggering stimulus and not of the triggering stimulus itself (Bargh, 1992). And what a difference this change in operational definition makes! If one shifts the operational definition of the unconscious from the processing of stimuli of which one is not aware to the influences or effects of stimulus processing of which one is not aware, suddenly the true power and scope of the unconscious in daily life become apparent. Defining the unconscious in terms of the former leads directly to the conclusion that it is dumb as dirt (Loftus & Klinger, 1992), whereas defining it in terms of the latter affords the opinion that it is highly intelligent and adaptive.

source here

Free will, is actually something that must be purposefully, consciously developed and constructed (although it can come in at birth in some individuals and even be conferred due to some crazy circumstance).


Ok allow me to elaborate;

Science claims that your BRAIN can NOT SURVIVE without oxygen past about 4 minutes or so.

This is because the cells in the brain DIE.

Do you know what makes this NOT HAPPEN SO QUICKLY THOUGH?

Turns out it is : WILL.

With Will, and discipline and practice, somehow,  your brain cells DONT DIE. At least for longer periods of time, not indefinitely, but hey, that’s still pretty good. and maybe GOOD ENOUGH TO LIVE depending on the situation.

I would like to put out my own James Randi Challenge to the Scientists who conducted those no free will

tests to include  THIS DUDE  in their testing pool.  Then lets see what they come up with for results.

Kung Fu is a perfect example of a will-building technology.

In fact, lets look at CHINA

Specifically Ancient China (although this knowledge is present in virtually every ancient and indigenous culture spanning the entire globe)

the Building of the WILL is the true secret of attainment of the TAO and human destiny.

This idea is literally the basis of Taoism and chinese philosophy.


is a manual for how to build your WILL


You build WILL through use of WILL POWER.

This power is the meaning of the character “de” (the DE in Tao DE Ching) in Chinese.

this is the true meaning of the title, it it the “way to power” or “the will to power”.

But people don’t understand what this will stuff is, or even know about it so they can’t see it hidden throughout all these texts.


Its kind of like if you were looking out at a forest and someone told you to find a FIG TREE

only you had never seen a fig tree before, and looking at the forest you might be like,

I dont see any fig trees, when in fact, the entire forest, is fig trees.


It isn’t your fault.

The sad fact of the matter is, it ISNT just in these Chinese texts,


from basic witchcraft (which builds will through use of desire)

to Alchemical operations

And oh wait, there is more


This is also the secret meaning of the FREEMASONS.  the BUILDERS are not building buildings, (althought they do as a result of the knowledge they attained) the builders are building WILL.


I came to this knowledge through my Teacher, Kelvin DeWolfe

and then we came together to form the Non-Profit called THE WELL WISHERS

This name was chosen very directly and specifically to teach the PATH OF POWER

for what is the meaning of will?

will (v.1) Look up will at Dictionary.comOld English *willanwyllan “to wish, desire; be willing; be used to; be about to” (past tense wolde), from Proto-Germanic *willjan (cognates: Old Saxonwillian, Old Norse vilja, Old Frisian willa, Dutch willen, Old High German wellan, German wollen, Gothic wiljan “to will, wish, desire,” Gothic waljan“to choose”).

The Germanic words are from PIE root *wel- (2) “to wish, will” (cognates: Sanskrit vrnoti “chooses, prefers,” varyah “to be chosen, eligible, excellent,”varanam “choosing;” Avestan verenav- “to wish, will, choose;” Greek elpis “hope;” Latin volovelle “to wish, will, desire;” Old Church Slavonic voljo,voliti “to will,” veljoveleti “to command;” Lithuanian velyti “to wish, favor,” pa-velmi “I will,” viliuos “I hope;” Welsh gwell “better”).

Compare also Old English wel “well,” literally “according to one’s wish;” wela “well-being, riches.” The use as a future auxiliary was already developing in Old English. The implication of intention or volition distinguishes it from shall, which expresses or implies obligation or necessity. Contracted forms, especially after pronouns, began to appear 16c., as in sheele for “she will.” The form with an apostrophe is from 17c.will (n.) Look up will at Dictionary.comOld English willwilla “mind, determination, purpose; desire, wish, request; joy, delight,” from Proto-Germanic *wiljon- (cognates: Old Saxon willio, Old Norse vili, Old Frisian willa, Dutch wil, Old High German willio, German Wille, Gothic wilja “will”), related to *willan “to wish” (see will (v.1)). The meaning “written document expressing a person’s wishes about disposition of property after death” is first recorded late 14c.

will (n.) Look up will at Dictionary.comOld English willwilla “mind, determination, purpose; desire, wish, request; joy, delight,” from Proto-Germanic *wiljon- (cognates: Old Saxon willio, Old Norse vili, Old Frisian willa, Dutch wil, Old High German willio, German Wille, Gothic wilja “will”), related to *willan “to wish” (see will (v.1)). The meaning “written document expressing a person’s wishes about disposition of property after death” is first recorded late 14c.


This is the ancient way that has been forgotten and discarded, but we at the Well Wishers feel it is actually the most important thing people can do right now. Self Development of their own will through the use of the techniques developed.

We want to share these with everyone for free, please help SUPPORT US IN OUR MISSION IF YOU THINK HUMAN BEINGS DESERVE THIS KNOWLEDGE.

The teachings of Kelvin DeWolfe came through his Native American Tribe and Ancestors, the M’ikMaq and advocate not only a formation and building of will, but ALSO TO DIRECT THE PERSONAL WILL TO ALIGN WITH A FORCE OF WILL GREATER THAN THE SELF.  As he states:

The path of power is to make yourself stronger for the sole purpose of making others stronger.

This is key.

Simply developing and building your will like a body builder can only lead you to the bone pile of VANITY.

All the occult texts and the Chinese sources mentioned above stress this latter aspect of WILL development:

Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good, And thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven”  – I Ching


WHY would I need to have a strong WILL in my mind, why would I need to be able to discern between UNCONSCIOUS AUTOMATIC influences?  Why would anyone need to know that information?




-White Witch


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