This Easter, Paint it Black : Easter, the Goddess Cybele & the Black Madonna Meteorite

Correcting errors can be a long slow process.

But well worth the effort none the less.

When you find that something might be wrong,

try to fix it, though it may be difficult and take some time.

Accepting other possibilities is a good way to start.

So I propose that we correct a long standing error this Easter.

Namely, the depiction of Jesus and Mary as white.

I mean, I think its been long enough.

This “Ghost in the Shell” White wash has really gotten out of hand.

So here is something we can easily do to repent.

This Easter, let’s de-white-ify Jesus and Mary.

There is a lot of evidence that Jesus was dark, if not straight up African,

so lets really adjust our mental and physical images,

like I mean make an effort.

In Honor of African & Middle Eastern people.

This European farce has gone on long enough.

Wether or not Jesus and Mary were even real as people isn’t even the point here,

the point is, even if it is a story, let’s show the correct people where the story takes place.

It would be pretty cool if the Pope would help with this too, but I mean,

at least we can make the switch.

I was preparing this old lecture of mine I gave to share for Easter  (attached below),

and although it focuses on research depicting a Meteorite as the source of Black-ness for the Black Madonnas,

the other important point which I mention is that it could just be also,

a literal depiction of Black Mary and Jesus, as in they were ethnic not white.

which I feel is pretty obviously true.

I mean come on.  Jesus and Mary were Black, or at the least Galilean who were dark.

The Jig is up,

Let’s knock it off already.

I mean what gives, make an adjustment.

As I was remembering all these things, re-listening to the lecture, I also remembered this Comic I did Years ago,

in 2005, it was printed in the Seattle paper “The Stranger” and at the time, I was trying to raise awareness about Black Jesus and make people remember to see him that way.



Happy Easter!!

-White Witch

Here is the Lecture I found from a while back that I did for The Golden Dome Mystery School at the Women’s Center for Creative Work on Cybele, Easter, Black Madonnas and Meteorites.  I reference a lot of pictures in the video, which I shall post here below the video.  Enjoy!


France, Castle of Anjony:
Our Lady of Anjony
In the chapel of the beautifully preserved 15th century fort Château d’Anjony near the village Tournemire, Cantal department, Auvergne, probably 17th century, painted wood.
Photo: Francis Debaisieux