Epic Synchronicity with Deer and Saint Eustace

So this morning my friend on Facebook asked me to interpret the symbol of this video:


and this was my reply:
In the heart of every structure, man could possibly create or conceive that they were responsible for in egos frenzy of the manufacture of visions lies the truth that there is a creator far greater who has made the things we use to create everything. Only nature is creator all else is a cheap knock off in vanity attempting to mimic its inherent beauty that through its life itself conquers all that is wrought in stone and marble that crumbles through the test of time, while living things shall always be for only life will have no end, and not our altars to it.


and then he replied:


Awesome! So many great angles here:



And when I clicked on the link and read it I noticed this incredible synch

HA CHECK THIS OUT in that post you sent, that church pic above is from ST EUSTACHE church and quote in your link says: The legend of Saint Eustace, for example, tells the story of the Roman general who, before becoming a saint, was out hunting and came across a magnificent and enormous deer.


IN FACT the CHURCH which the deer CHOSE to visit was the Church of SAINT EUSTACHE in FRANCE

the very SAME Saint whose legend surrounds his encounter with the deer

read the story here:


EPIC ECHO of a meeting through time and space and Holy Spirit




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