Panpsychism & the Magical Alchemical Conscious Universe by Maja D’Aoust

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Here is lecture I gave years ago on Panpsychism and the Pagan philosophy that the Universe is alive and aware.


On July 30th I will be delivering a free lecture at the frog spot with my non-profit I co-manage with Dr. Kelvin Dewolfe for the community looking into this and other philosophies of Ecology so that we can examine our important relationship with all the life around us.



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The White Witch Tarot deck is coming soon!

I am pleased to announce

The Pre-orders and reservations are available for  THE WHITE WITCH TAROT deck made by yours truly that will be released through Red Feather press in August

I developed the images and wrote the Oracles for each of the 22 Arcana and organized an Alchemical, Shakespearean strategy for doing the spread.


Also available for pre-order on AMAZON

Use the transformative and healing power of the white witch as White Witch Maja D’Aoust explores the 22 Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot through meditative art and channeled mysteries in this stunning black and gold deck and companion guide. Use this deck as a traditional Tarot Majors-only system or delve into a technique using protagonists and antagonists pitted against each other until they reach unification, much like Shakespearean therapy where we explore problems via another lens. Learn to visualize and build your own reality by discovering answers to your deepest questions, bringing to light powerful truths and seeing the radiance of the self through a poetic treatment of the Majors. Created through decades of research into Alchemy and different divination modalities, this deck offers a fresh new perspective on using the cards to unveil what has been hidden.

I’ll have more information on events and availability this Summer

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This Easter, Paint it Black : Easter, the Goddess Cybele & the Black Madonna Meteorite

Correcting errors can be a long slow process.

But well worth the effort none the less.

When you find that something might be wrong,

try to fix it, though it may be difficult and take some time.

Accepting other possibilities is a good way to start.

So I propose that we correct a long standing error this Easter.

Namely, the depiction of Jesus and Mary as white.

I mean, I think its been long enough.

This “Ghost in the Shell” White wash has really gotten out of hand.

So here is something we can easily do to repent.

This Easter, let’s de-white-ify Jesus and Mary.

There is a lot of evidence that Jesus was dark, if not straight up African,

so lets really adjust our mental and physical images,

like I mean make an effort.

In Honor of African & Middle Eastern people.

This European farce has gone on long enough.

Wether or not Jesus and Mary were even real as people isn’t even the point here,

the point is, even if it is a story, let’s show the correct people where the story takes place.

It would be pretty cool if the Pope would help with this too, but I mean,

at least we can make the switch.

I was preparing this old lecture of mine I gave to share for Easter  (attached below),

and although it focuses on research depicting a Meteorite as the source of Black-ness for the Black Madonnas,

the other important point which I mention is that it could just be also,

a literal depiction of Black Mary and Jesus, as in they were ethnic not white.

which I feel is pretty obviously true.

I mean come on.  Jesus and Mary were Black, or at the least Galilean who were dark.

The Jig is up,

Let’s knock it off already.

I mean what gives, make an adjustment.

As I was remembering all these things, re-listening to the lecture, I also remembered this Comic I did Years ago,

in 2005, it was printed in the Seattle paper “The Stranger” and at the time, I was trying to raise awareness about Black Jesus and make people remember to see him that way.



Happy Easter!!

-White Witch

Here is the Lecture I found from a while back that I did for The Golden Dome Mystery School at the Women’s Center for Creative Work on Cybele, Easter, Black Madonnas and Meteorites.  I reference a lot of pictures in the video, which I shall post here below the video.  Enjoy!


France, Castle of Anjony:
Our Lady of Anjony
In the chapel of the beautifully preserved 15th century fort Château d’Anjony near the village Tournemire, Cantal department, Auvergne, probably 17th century, painted wood.
Photo: Francis Debaisieux



Occult Dialogue Techniques and Re-engaging in Socratic Method & Ancient Wisdom to Evolve humanity

Hi Guys,


Please watch and share this information in order to educate people on how to manage Humanity in difficult times according to Ancient Wisdom.

Thanks to Arden Leigh for her great show Peace Talks, and having me on to investigate these issues and big thanks to Dromebox for hosting.




The New Playground Rules; A Practical Solution to the Immigration and Racism crisis in America by the White Witch


Ok you guys,

I think I figured everything out.

And here is my plan.

So, these anti-immigration laws, they are really not strong enough, they are kind of wimpy, like certainly not the strongest most forceful, go all the way, take it to the limit kind of laws.

Let’s go all the way baby.

Let’s go big or go home.

What America needs to do now

To rectify the dilemma of really being JUSTICE driven and EQUAL and RIGHTEOUS and FAIR to ALL without placing undo burden upon any one group of people

The solution is clearly:

To order all non-Native Americans to go back to their country of origin.

This will be judged not only on an individual basis, but of each individual’s heritage and ancestry.

All individuals shall immediately report back to their country of origin, hence go back to where they came from.

This is the only true solution to the immigration debate in America. For these immigration laws must be applied to all and not only limited groups of people, for that is un-American and anti-constitutional.  All for one and one for all.

If your ancestors are from Europe, well, that’s where you go.

If your ancestors are from Africa back you go my friend (note: even those stolen from Africa by other immigrant Americans (people thieves who immigrated here to American from other places, mostly Europe)  to import them to America will still ,regardless ,now be deported back to Africa, sorry for the mix up)

This will leave America as she was originally. In her Former Greatness, we can make her that Great again, as she was before, originally.

With only Native Americans whose land it ACTUALLY IS.

And everyone else can try and squeeze back into their land of origin.

If you happen to be of mixed race, well, good luck chuck. You will have to fight that one out in your own mind, we cant be responsible for everything.

If your family is of mixed race,

Well that’s rough but, oops!

Looks like ya’ll can and try and find new friends and family of your own kind on your own land.

And no more going into any one else’s land



Everyone just stay put where you belong

And don’t move a muscle.

And quit spying on other people from other land’s shit and ripping it off. Just because you have atrophied your creativity keep it to your self. And no more internet, who needs to talk to everyone all the time?

Quit taking shit from other people and from other lands.

Keep your hands to your self

NO sexual relations with any people from any other lands at any time is permitted!

Also you can only have certain kinds of sex

No butt sex for SURE

And also just gender traditional sex ONLY EVER.

Because we don’t like that other funny business.

This will also totally solve the problem of racism.

Because each race will just be them and no one else.

No one will hate other races because you will never see any other race.

out of sight out of mind.

how can you get mad at someone if you never see them?  Am I right or am I right, think about it like a break up that is just best for everyone involved.

I mean we obviously can’t get along with each other, we tried but failed.

It’s ok to admit when you are wrong.

No other race will touch or talk to you again ever!!!!


And we will freeze time here and each land and country shall stand as it is now

Tough luck if you disagree, them’s the breaks.

You get what you get and you don’t get upset.

No cross overs!!!

No take backs!!!

Again if you are already mixed, like a poor bastard mongrel,

Well tough shit, that’s not our problem.

This plan is called


And is the evacuation of all non Native Americans

Back the country of heritage origin

To be determined by mandatory DNA testing

Oh PS we cant guaruntee that your country of origin will allow you back in,

Oh no, not at all.

Its all up in the air

I mean, it’s a total crap shoot.

Maybe they will, maybe not,

Maybe youll die in a boat on the way over, who knows

We cant say for sure.

But good luck

Ok that’s what we just have to do in order to apply these laws to every American and not a select few.

Sorry but fair is fair.

Best of luck every one.

These laws will be enforced by the United States Military until such time as everyone is removed and then they themselves will leave.

Ok I think that about covers it.

(please note, this satirical piece is lovingly dedicated to Jonathan Swift)

and Justice for all, don’t dish out what you can’t eat

The White Witch


Some #cybermonday stuff

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I have available for download the Four Hour I Ching Course I taught on this ancient Chinese Oracle,

Learn to throw and interpret a reading, the origin and history of I Ching, special tricks

Available HERE:



And I added a whole bunch of Gold Metallic ink Prints of my artwork HERE:


goldflashprints2 faceflashtrio


Lots to choose from or see if there is one you like and I will see if I can make a nice 8×8 gold flashy print for you!!




An Open Letter to the Women of the World from the White Witch

You have the right to defend your life

You absolutely DO have the RIGHT to COUNTER ASSAULT someone who is PHYSICALLY ASSUALTING, RAPING, or attempting to MURDER YOU.

It is your personal responsibility to give yourself permission and prepare yourself to assault in a defensive manner someone who is in that moment in the action of harming you in order to defend your life. This is SELF DEFENSE!


Even if you are non-violent and practice non-violence please understand, learning to defend yourself against a physical assault can actually STOP the situation from becoming more violent if it is effective.

You do not need to be excessive or hateful in these actions, but just until you are safe, and only when you are being directly assaulted.

Learn to focus concentrate and control your response to be more effective


There are many martial arts styles that can provide effective deterrent to unwanted situations with a male who is behaving in a toxic fashion towards you:

“Ng Mui’s first student of the yet unnamed form was a beautiful young girl named Yim Wing Chun who was being pressured by a bandit warlord into marriage. After mastering the art so as to defend herself and eventually drive off the bandit, Yim Wing Chun would have the form named after her as the first student of Ng Mui. This is how the lineage of Wing Chun began according to popular legend.”



ACT in self defense when you are assaulted.

To do this, you must train yourself to prepare to be able to defend yourself.

Everyone deserves the right to be able to defend their life and person against harm. Please teach yourself how to do this. No one else can do this for you.

Yes, it is true even being the most highly skilled self defense artist, with weapons, won’t always guarantee a victory. You can totally prepare yourself and still lose. Sometimes there is nothing we can do. But sometimes there is something we can do. Raise your hands.

Yes it is true that other measures must also be taken on cultural and societal levels in order to deal with the problem of assault on women, please do not imagine I am presenting this as a singular solution. Self defense is not the only solution to the issue of attacks on women.  What self defense is, is a solution for YOU in the moment in time when you are the only one there.

Permit yourself to do everything and anything possible in those times in order to defend your own life.


Say NO.

Learn how to stop them.

And then use it.

All women please,

Teenagers, College Students

Start to practice self defense NOW

We have the power to protect ourselves.

The men are not doing it for us, and can not do it in the moments when we are alone.


All citizens have the right to self defense


Learn how.


I wil be providing a Free class to Women through the non-profit I co-direct, The Well Wishers,  Saturday November 26th

meet at the Bear in Griffith Park at 1pm

I will be teaching my style, Witch Kung -fu,  and speaking on the power of ODIN and how to focus RAGE into Alpha energy