A Few Words on my Late Great Feral Friend Adam Parfrey


Meeting Adam Parfrey changed my life.

I have to admit I was a little nervous, but very excited to speak with him.

Adam came to me through two of my Dear friends, Jula Bell and Jodi Willie.  I was engaged in obsessively training Martial Arts at the time, attending a Dojo on Hillhurst Called Zenki with Sensei Tim Santos, who is a true master and lovely human being.  Jula Bell was my friend and training partner and we would spar together and punch and kick things and then go eat vegetarian food.  Jula is a major force on the punk rock scene for her bands she was in including the all girl band “Bulemia Banquet” and knew of Adam through his Punk Rock days.  I loved Jula right away for her indestructible spirit and kind heart. Jula is punk as hell and loves community, helping others and being healthy and happy.  Jula knew Jodi and suggested we meet each other because we shared a lot of interests including Esoteric and Occult information.  After our first date, Jodi and I decided we loved each other and began hanging out together and having nerd outs on our favorite topic areas.  So many precious nights were spent with Jodi speaking about the Universe and magic and people in the magical community.   Jodi would go on to direct the movie of the famous Los Angeles commune known as the Source Family, among her other amazing works in the community and with Adam through their joint publishing offshoot called Process Media.


It was through the agency of these ladies that Adam and I began chatting.

We talked about Jack Parsons, Scientology, Atlantis, alien cults, Madame Blavatsky and Rudyard Kipling as he fluently navigated the metaphysical streams of subject matter with ease.

I knew I loved Adam when we started talking about magic and the occult and he got a naughty twinkle in his eye that matched my own, indicative of a sheer pleasure of discussing openly things that are mysterious. Adam just loved finding out about whacky things. It was like his destiny to get into strange subjects and you could tell it was a part of him.  We were fast friends.  Every convivial conversation I ever had with Adam Parfrey was conscious, engaging, funny, philosophical and sincere. He was so well educated on many, many topic areas that a simple dialogue quickly turned into an intellectually delightful adventure.  We began working on our book together That Jodi facilitated, because we both had similar interests and wanted to engage the material in an educational manner. At the time, the movie “The Secret” was a fad phenomenon and we had been talking about it casually and some of our knowledge of the history of its ideology.  We made the decision to present this to the general public and call it “The Secret Source”.  Our inspiration was to provide an in-depth view of the truth involved in the fad as well as attempt to dispel some the ignorance that attended Hermeticism, its practices and origins. Published in 2007 we tried to draw people’s attention to the work known as the “Kybalion”, The Hermetic literature and alchemical philosophy to expand upon the surface level of the prosperity consciousness movement.

I truly value all the time I spent with Adam as we worked on this and exchanged thoughts and material.

Through our work together on this book I met and befriended many people and was drawn into his eclectic world of free thinkers and artistic human beings.


I had the Blessed fortune as the result of this union of being able to attend many mind bendingly cool cultural events at his house, eventually cohabited with Jodi Wille when they married.  Both Adam and Jodi were gracious enough to share their work and generosity with a large community of friends and colleges always opening new dialogues, thoughts, ideas and beliefs.  You could feel completely comfortable bringing up topics at the Feral House.  They were all met with open engagement and friendly banter. I went to lots of these happenings with my good friend Erik Davis, and Erik, Adam Jodi and I would become enraptured in endless quantum strings of brain popping jam sessions just ecstatically comparing notes on this topic or that.


Adam also invited me at that time to join him in his productions and events involving the Process Church, where I met the author Timothy Wylie, who I found to be a caring and conscious artist with very progressive ideals.  Timothy worked a lot with animal rescue and metaphysical practices of healing.  I was in one of their reenactment rituals and got be part of the festivities. This was when he released the title “Love Sex Fear Death”, which many found controversial.  I have a fond memory of waiting backstage at the silent movie theater with a bunch of other folks, we were all dressed in red and black robes carrying various occult objects waiting for our cue and Jodi and I had a moment where we just looked at each other and looked around and started laughing. Then Adam called us all out from his podium where he was performing as director of ceremonies.


Some of the most fun I had with Adam Parfrey

Was geeking out in the Library of the Philosophical Research Society.

We did this on many occasions.

At the time I was the Librarian there, and was giving community lectures on the subject of Alchemy.


Adam worked very closely with the Philosophical Research Society while his publishing company was preparing a biography of its founder Manly P. Hall, Master of the Mysteries, with author Louis Sahagun.  This was about a year after Adam and I completed our book together.  Louis spent a good deal of time in the Library doing research for his work, which I can testify, he diligently and painstakingly scanned through volumes of materials speaking to hundreds of individuals to create his portrayal of Manly Hall.  During my amazing time at the Philosophical Research Society, Louis Sahagun may have been the individual who occupied its halls with the most consistency.

Assisting both of them in their research was like a constant journey into mystery and revelation, with synchronicity trails and magical coincidences coming up at every turn. Being able to experience Manly Hall through the sleuth work of Louis was intimate and at times, we both felt the presence of Manly there with us as our eyes peered deeply into his books. Uncanny events that we both witnessed occurred in terms of words and people falling into place like slats on a Jacob’s ladder.

Louis was kind enough to share with me many of his tales of impossible synchronicities while trailing the events and how they continued to randomly unfold around him as he followed the yellow brick path of Manly’s time on Earth.

I remember one day where Louis was given access to Manly’s private office in the upper annex which was left almost exactly as it had been with his work in progress strewn about on the desk. Open notebooks, pencils, even a crumpled up used tissue was perched atop the corner of his workstation.

We both inhaled deeply upon entering and felt a rush of his being undeniably still present in the affects that had been left so undisturbed over so long a time. We felt like children entering the tomb of a Pharaoh, and then began the archaeological excavation of the clues like Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys.


I enjoyed my time there with both of them immensely, helping them uncover their stories.


After Master of the Mysteries, Adam had begun working on “Ritual America” and I found him again in the library compiling his research. We delved into the Freemasonry sections and I remember spending many an afternoon, up on the balcony of the incredible Mayan revivalist overhang designed by Architect Rober Stacy Judd.  I would use a huge ring of a key chain that was riddled with teeny tiny keys all scrambled together, for opening the many different locked cabinets in the building. Each visit to one of the sentient books that lived in the library entailed a procedure of ascending or descending a staircase and sorting through the jangly conglomeration of metallic gatekeepers.  While the patron waited patiently for me to solve the Rubik’s cube, whereupon I would swing open the glass encasement and withdraw the volume that had magnetically pulled them through the doors of the building.


Adam and I laughed and awed at the myriad of fantastical freemason books and histories contained in Manly P. Hall’s collection.  We stared in wonder at the bizarre traditions and inundation of Paganism that these gentlemen had made their practice for hundreds of years.  We mostly were joking with each other about Goats and Giggling about hats.  Manly had such a vast knowledge and understanding of the Freemasons that he was made an honorary 33rd degree mason based on his research alone.  Old Leather bound copies with gold gilded pages telling tales of Hiram Abiff and Hermes Trismegritus filled our vision as we traced the story through the stories.


I also got to experience Adam and Jodi’s presence in the library through their work with the Source family. They came with some of the founding members to spend time in the Library while they were putting together the book of memoirs through Isis Aquarian.  I remember the day I met Isis Aquarian, she floated over the threshold of the gigantic wooden doors of the entry way and we had an immediate synchronicity with the tetragrammaton.  She was wearing a Hebrew alphabet tetragrammaton necklace in the form of a man standing up (this is known to represent Adam Kadmon) and I had just been lecturing on the very same subject the night before and we had a connection over the name of God in about three minutes flat. We then laughed because it was Adam who introduced us and we bonded over Adam Kadmon. Isis Aquarian and I became friends ever after.  Electricity Aquarian was there also and he was so smart and spiritually savvy that my mind was blown.

Only through Adam and Jodi could I ever have met such remarkable humans. There are so many others, hopefully someday I will be able to recount them all.

My last experience of my Feral friend was quite recent and up until the time of his passing.  I had been chatting with him already about his Francois Hardy book because our mutual friend Jon Graham was helping him edit it, so we had been talking about that and I had spoken with Jon about it too.  Adam had then invited me to do another project with him which we had just completed shortly before he was to cross over.  He decided to publish a work of mine titled “A Witch’s Bestiary” due out in the fall and I felt so blessed to have been able to accomplish this with him.  It felt as though providence gifted it to me, to be able to have this last collaboration with him I greatly treasure.

Adam’s sense of wonder through his explorations of all the subject matters he pursued was always inspirational and  he never ceased to slake his thirst for the unknown and grow his mind into new and unheard of ideas. I am very grateful I was able to share in his journey and I was enriched tremendously by his presence.

Big Thanks to Adam Parfrey for his fearless investigations into the mysteries. Love on your passage friend, This witch’s heart is yours forever.