The Angel and the Priest

My Boyfriend is learning the tarot.

We were at his house learning the cards.  We were talking about the angels.

The card for the day was the Temperance card.


I was explaining to him how in my studies, I had come to affiliate the card with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

We were talking about Archangel Michael, and how he was a protector and guardian of soldiers and policemen.  Suddenly, I realized that it was time for me to go to work (and read Tarot cards) so we headed out.  He was walking me to work and we crossed the street as we always did, when we were approached by a gentleman who seemed a bit distraught.

He came up to us and asked us where Lexington avenue was, that he was lost.

My boyfriend kindly gave him the directions he asked for and then he told us that we were the only ones who would talk to him, or answer his question.  He told us we were beautiful.

He had been trying to get back to a church where he had stashed his bag with his belongings.

He was a priest he told us.

He was very tall, rather dark complextion, but well put together, and also reeked of alcohol.  He was wearing a black, kung fu kind of shirt, nice shoes and a fancy cane, with Ringo Star-ish sunglasses.  Truth be told, he looked an awful lot like my father.

He said he had been out all night drinking, he had run into some younger folks who invited him to a party and they had tequila.  He loved tequila, he said.  He then confessed he had a bit of a problem with alcohol.

That’s ok, we said.

He said he needed it now though, in order to self medicate.  He was in a lot of pain,

He broke there, and started telling us how he was injured in Vietnam, when he fought in the war, and that made him drink, and the drinking was causing his insides to go bad.  He lifted his shirt.  My boyfriend and I drew our breath in sharply.

He had a RIP across his abdomen that had been stapled back together ( not very neatly, either)  It went in an arc over his belly like a Tupac tattoo.

He had almost died he said, did we want to hear the story, he asked?

Yes we said.

He said he was walking by the side of the road, and felt his guts go bad.  He was bleeding to death inside and he knew it. so he kind of crumpled down in the ditch off to the side of the road, and felt he was just going to lay there and die.

And in that moment,

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL appeared to him. Yes that is exactly what he said.


Michael lifted him up out of the ditch and on to the road.  Someone drove by right after and called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital.

He said he was glad he wasn’t dead, because of his grandchildren, and he began to cry.

Later we were trying to figure out what happened, if he showed up because we were talking about Michael, or if we were talking about Michael because he was going to show up.   Either way, those funny Angels ears burn when you turn your attention to them.

And all in all, it was a kind act towards a stranger that brought the whole thing on, in a fittingly filthy part of Sunset blvd in the city of Angels.