The Case of the Cupcake that Proved the Existence of Magic (even though the cupcake was never there)


I was having a discussion about magical types of things,

with a person,

and the person I was having the discussion with

told me,

quite matter of factly,

that they did not believe in magic.

So I stated I thought that was fine because belief was actually not necessary, it could be experienced first hand.

“prove it” was the response.

Ok fine,

name something you want.

Ok, I want a cupcake, with a cherry on the top.  I want a cupcake with a cherry on top on the corner of my desk.

If you can make a cupcake with a cherry on it appear on my desk, magic is real.

I took a piece of paper and said ok,

as I drew with a pencil a picture of a cupcake, I said, like this?  is this what you want?

Yes that is it, that is exactly what I want, was the reply.

Ok fine, but time is funny with magic, so give it a little time.


So, we waited.

And then.

one day,

a child came into his office and was sitting at his desk,

the child had drawn, with a pencil and paper

a picture of a cupcake,

with a cherry on top.

and left it in the exact corner of the desk.

A literal translation of the request, the exact replica of the object projected.

And then we

stopped having conversations

about whether or not magic was real.