David Bowie and Poison , The Man who fell off the Earth through the eye of the Dragon

Ok so,

I am SO sad over David Bowie’s passing, how can the earth not grieve the loss of living stardust?  We all felt him beam away.


So I pulled up his Astrological chart, and sure enough, RIGHT THERE




Now, for those of you who find this entry and are not aware, I just published my Astrological predictions of 2016 about poison, and specifically two locations in the sky, that of 2 degrees Sagittarius, the poison on the arrow, and 11 degrees Sagittarius,

the eye of the venomous serpent near the center of the Galaxy.

I had been researching these two spots so much for the blog entry and then when I pulled up Bowie’s chart, BOTH were prominent in his chart


SO FIRST of all David Bowie’s VENUS is located at 2 degrees Sagittarius which is WHERE Venus was at the start of 2016 and what I had spent all that time writing about.

The wrestling match of poisons point in heaven.  The arrow’s piercing deadly medicine.

His Natal Venus is there, in other words, that’s where Venus was in the sky at the time of his birth



(if you don’t know how to read a chart, those green guys on the outside are where the planets were located the day of his death, on the inside is where they were on the day of his birth)

Second of all, David Bowie had Juno located at 11 degrees Sagittarius (that asterix looking thing with the cross under it).  Juno is HERA.

as in HERACLES or HERCULES, (again please see other blog post)

and at the time of Bowie’s death as you can see shown in green on the outer ring near the top in the image above, both Saturn and Venus sit exactly conjunct his HERA in this location, the center of the labrynth, the eye of the Dragon, the OLD POLE STAR OF THE EGYPTIANS that aligns with many of their temples.

In the information from my blog on Hercules it states that HERA is like POISON AIR or poisonous oxygen, or really HOSTILITY IN THE AIR .   HERA a source of poison for Hercules, and here David Bowie had a dose of poison too much for him to deal with at the culmination of this point in the form of toxicity from Liver cancer.

It was his LIVER that went down in the end.   The LIVER is the tool which deals with poisons and toxins, so this was ulitmately, his golden worm battle of the poisons in his body, probably due to the amount of toxins he had consumed, or maybe something he had absorbed from his environment.  Also worth mentioning is the fact that the LIVER is ruled by Sagittarius in terms of which astrological sign governs what organ, 

Also note in the image above the Sun, the Moon and PLUTO all CONJUNCT or are piled on top of his Sun there in Capricorn.  Pluto is the lord of the Underworld, for Bowie to pass RIGHT when Pluto conjuncted his Sun is as if the Grim Reaper himself came to collect him!!

The other amazing correspondence is if you look at Transiting Hera (Juno asteroid) is located right abve Chiron in his chart. His Chiron is in SCORPIO, of course, more venom.  For those of you nerds out there,  you might know that CHIRON was a centaur (like Sagittarius) who was POISONED by the ARROW OF HERCULES.

So how about those archeytpes for ya?

Looks like David managed to Ascend right through the center of the galaxy, a straight arrow shot through the pupil of the great snake.

We Love you David Bowie,


May our ears and eyes drink deeply of your poison forever.

-White Witch