The Love Curse Blessing




I set a CURSE upon my enemies and those who defy me!!

With these words I send to those who have wished me harm

A CURSE to live their lives

fulfilled, abundant and overflowing with joy!!

I set a swarm of healing honey bees to rest upon their doorstep,

humming soothing songs to rid all pain and suffering!!

I shall pluck the blood from the strings of my veins

and use its nectar to concoct the most poisonous cure

that shall cause the blood that flows inside them

to be rid of all disease, age and woe!!

I call upon the merciless deserts to torture them

with the warm glow of happiness

that ice never may grow in their glare

I eat the lips that speak my demon’s name

with kisses deep and pure

gently sucking all the venom from their tongues

I send to them that hate me with a hatred in their heart of hearts,

a ceaseless, fountainous LOVE in all its forms

and eternal rest in the cool darkness that is peace.

I am sending and will send forever,

To them, to me and to all,

the sweet relief of knowledge of all good and evil,

The power and the fire to set our souls to RISE

That on this ascended platform

we may laugh and make merry

for all time that is and all times that be

till time itself is me

– White Witch