January Eclipse: The Tail End of the Poison Mind and the Release of the Past

Almost exactly two years ago I posted regarding the Astrological Transits of the times,


and how they related to Poison,

and Gu

The Chinese concept of poison.


Now, as we begin the year 2018,

it so happens that we have come upon the tail end of this story.

Fast approaching, at the end of the month of January,

January 31st 2018,

There will be a pretty epic Moon situation

that has been causing a some Hullabaloo on the lips of many astrologers.


I would like to take a moment to focus on the point it will be occurring in the heavens because it relates back to my post concerning the Poison mind that we have all been digesting since the beginning of 2016.


On the 31st of January there will be a Full moon that will also be a Blue Moon that will also be a Blood Moon that will also be a Super moon and additionally, there will be an eclipse.

This moon will fall exactly on the point in heaven that coincides with the tail end of Draco the Dragon.

As I elucidated, the previous poison was connected with the Eye of the serpent, Draco which also was involved in the demise of our dearly beloved David Bowie.


Now we find ourselves coming out the tail of the serpent.

The Moon, and the eclipse, shall be occurring at 11 degrees Leo.

11 degrees Leo is conjunct a fixed star known by the name of


And this falls at the tail of Draco the Dragon


The tail of the Dragon is also known as the South node of destiny, and by the Vedic Astrologers it is called “Ketu

As opposed to the North Node which is known as “Rahu” at the Head of the Dragon, (in its eye) where we began our journey in 2016.

(if you would like to find out about your north & south node in your chart I have a downloadable course available Here)

At the end of January we will complete our Journey through the Dragon, which used to be the Polar star that all of heaven revolved around, and if we were lucky enough to not be amongst those reaped in the process we have developed some immunity to its poison.

For those of us that had an event this past AUGUST with the eclipses, this eclipse on January 31st will have a relationship to that time.  Many of the Leo’s that I know had a very difficult time during the eclipse at the 21st of August, so hopefully this eclipse shall provide some respite and release from the poison ingested then and bestow a superpower or healing ability that can aide others who go through a similar event.

The MOST important thing, however, that stood out to me regarding this particular star at the tail of the dragon was about Punishment and Enemies.

The word “Giansar” is Hebrew and it means “The Punished Enemy

So I would like to put forth a warning for all who feel that they do have enemies that deserve punishment.

While contemplating the meaning of this event, I was lead synchronistically to a series of messages concerning how to deal with the rectification of harm in order to restore Justice and to encourage all to follow protocol rather than punishment.

The events, for me,  came in the form of the word REDRESS.

Much like repentance, redress means to correct a harm, but to do so in a particular fashion, namely through attempts at rectification and rebuilding rather than destruction and annihilation.

It also mentioned that there are better ways to go about making a complaint than others.

Obviously, there are cases of poison that necessitate larger agencies, but some small poisons can be dealt with through the face.

The south node and the Dragon’s tail have to do with past Karma, past lives, hungry ghosts and demons of the past.

This time at the eclipse will ask us:

what can be redressed within the self

what must be redressed with the other

cultural and global redresses

and what must be redressed with higher powers.

Be sure to use discernment with all of these

and for all of the above

decide wether or not it is necessary to make an enemy

and how to still deal with issues without opposition

In order to come to a solution

The south node is

of the sins of our fathers.

If we are to move past what has been,

into a new time,

what will that involve?

How do you release the past without just ignoring the problems it is causing ? Action at rectification will be needed.  Not just some cute little “letting go” we actually have to do a lot of things to fix things.


Ketu on the Dragon’s tail is letting in the collective past Karma for all of us to digest, redress and release

so immunity to the poison of Gu will need to be remembered.

If there are lessons that you learned since 2016

do not forget them

but incorporate them in order for growth to occur during this eclipse.


Make a different choice.

Often redemption is not just about observing and understanding

but about decision and action.

so if there was a scene that occurred in your past,

or in our collective past as a country and as humans,

that you find repeated on the 31st of January,

make a different choice.

Ketu is sometimes called a “personal eclipse point”

so when there is an eclipse on Ketu,

it deals with struggles with Destiny.

We can all be confronted with a Destiny marker at the point

on this day

I think it will be both our individual destiny and


learning what the Destiny of being a Human means.

Try to stay open

action must be taken on larger levels

in order to move beyond

what has been past

into a new time.

Think a new thought every day between now and then.
I also wanted to add, we will be having Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Scorpio opening all to their inner vengeance seekers.
This really is just a search for justice and acknowledgement.
The Scorpion tail has poison that is used for retribution, but that also can be a powerful medicine, make sure you don’t overdose.
Also, I looked at the chart of Charles Manson upon his passing,
and I saw that when he died, he had his Jupiter return in scorpio, and I looked it up and it fell on this star
“Khambalia, Lambda Virginis. It is a Mercury-Mars star by Ptolemy. The name has its roots in old Coptic and means ‘Crooked Claw’, most probably the same device which we call also the Swastika,”
He had come round full circle.
The influence of the stars can be shown upon our foreheads,
be aware of Destined influences and be conscious when they unfold before you.
As we come to the Tail of the poisoned mind
keep a clear head
Don’t sting with your poisoned tail
in Personal vendetta
but work towards rectification
using your poison sac
as medicine for those in need.

Orion, Urine, Dragon Mystery Dream and the Summer Solstice Full Blue Moon


A few days ago I had a dream.

I was going pee.  In the dream I mean.

I was in this bathroom, and the walls were all dark wood, like almost brown black.

Like it was a log cabin or something rustic.

So I’m sitting there on the toilet peeing

when all of a sudden the wall kind of faded out and I could see through it, like it was transparent

I could see behind it.

And what I saw was a dragon.

in some other dimension.

It was big and kind of reddish brown, like copper.

It had a long neck that arched up and over, its head was kind of like a snake.

It  looked a lot like an alligator Lizard.


It was talking to some kind of people type things?  Like they were discussing a battle or something.

Then the Dragon realized I could see it and it turned and looked at me.

only it also was talking to the other people at the same time,

so it simultaneously had two heads all of a sudden,

One of which was staring at me with sharp yellow eyes that had pupils like crescent moons.

It looked like it was made of earth, like reddish brown mud that kind of glistened when it moved.

At that moment my mind in my dream thought “huh, this is weird, how can I be seeing a dragon while I’m going pee?” then I thought “why when I finally get to see and talk to a dragon am I going pee?” hahaha I was like really?  and then, in the dream I realized I was in some kind of unusual and absurd situation and I should pay attention.

I knew this was going to be interesting and I became very sharp.

The dragon looked at me and said something very clear and very specific

it said:

” You have to kill her and go to the NORTH”

when it spoke its voice was inside of my head.

I knew that by “her” it meant “me”

But not like kill myself or anything.

I sensed it was more like my little me, or more like a part of me.

And then he went back to talking to the group of people and kind of faded out.

I drew a picture of it:



So a few days passed

and then I started looking at the astrology of this Summer Solstice and Blue Moon situation in Sagittarius.

I looked at the chart:




Obviously, you can see the big red square in the middle, the grand cross, so lets look at two of the Axes involved here.

The first one is happening right over a spot in my own chart, at 9-11 degrees Sagittarius where my neptune, north node and Venus are located.  Currently we have Saturn going retrograde at 11 degrees Sag in the Solstice chart. (you can find the degree numbers next to the planetary symbols)

Across the way, opposing this position is Mercury at the same degree of Gemini.

These two spots across form each other sit on top of some very interesting Stars.

The first two, which I am quite familiar with due to my own chart are actually ARCHANGEL STARS, or ROYAL stars known as WATCHERS.

The Watchers of the West, and East respectively.

The one on top of all my stuff is the Watcher of the West,

Known as ANTARES.

A big, bright red star located in the heart of the Scorpion.

It is known as the enemy of Orion, since it is the creature which poisons the great hunter with a sting to his heel. Orion is almost directly opposite it in the sky and the OPPOSER here, Mercury in Gemini falls between the OTHER Watcher, Aldebran, or the bulls eye and also a star located in Orion itself.

In the chart then, we have TWO Archangels, or watchers looking at each other, through Saturn and Mercury.

ALDEBRAN is the other Watcher, located in the eyeball of the constellation Taurus and is sometimes affiliated with the Apis bull or Osiris.

So, then as I looked closer at the chart,

I see there are two OTHER fixed stars conjunct those two locations.

and it was actually these two smaller stars NEXT to the archangels where I was like,

whoa that sounds like my dream!

The two smaller stars are, believe it or not, affiliated with Dragons and pee.

that’s right.

a Dragon, and pee are conducting the two points on the axis in this summer solstice chart, right over my destiny point.

The Dragon star in the situation is none other that RASTABAN, the star in the eye of the dragon,

which I mentioned earlier this year in my POISON MIND blog entry.

It is the eye of the poisonous serpent which Orion, or Hercules is stepping on with his heel.

Now the pee one is pretty interesting.

The other star is in Orion proper, but located on the head of the HIDE or SKIN he is holding up as his trophy.

It is called :


So as I’m reading I come to find out, This skin or HIDE was an OX hide and was URINATED upon in order to produce Orion.

Hyrieus asked for a son. The three gods then took the hide of a cow or bull, urinated in it (the word Orion is related to “urine” in Greek), and buried it. Nine months later Orion emerged from the ground.”

And it looks like Orion kind of means URINE and also “origin”

I did not know this before.

Orion is PEE BORN.

Born from urine.

Orion is sittin up there holding out a pee rag pretty much.

a pee rag from which he was born.


If we go now in the Astrology chart to look at the axis where the blue full moon in Sag is opposing Sun in Gemini,


The Moon is conducting another Dragon star, it is conjunct the degree of the fixed star Etamin, known as the HEAD of the Dragon


I go to look if there are any stars conjuncting the Sun in Gemini today

The SUN on this DAY is exactly conjunct none other than POLARIS!!!!! the Pole star and the point of TRUE NORTH

So, I of course was reminded of my Dragon pee dream,

in this chart, for the Solstice today,

the grand square and oppositions  occur between the Dragon looking across at the the North pole star polaris, and a pee rag held up by Orion.

In my dream I was peeing  across from a two headed dragon talking to me about the NORTH!!!!!!


I thought about this for a while and about the watchers too.

I feel like for me,

the take away message

for the energy of this lunar event on our 2016 Summer Solstice

is as follows:

Today the Sun and stars direct our attention North

The still point in a turning sky

looking down upon all the

petty battles below


Try to be more like the Sun

observing them

Shine light upon them

Join them to assist the situation

not to win

instead of getting caught up in them

getting all pissed

with everyone else

Be like the Sun at Mid day

-White Witch