Mrs. Witch Goes to Washington

I am going to be doing a Ritual Exorcism of the United States Government.

I scheduled it for November 1st 2013, on all Saints day.

so I went about organizing the event on Facebook, as I usually do.

At the time, when I was making up the event, doing the write up getting everything together, the Government was still in a state of shut down, due of course, to Congress.

I posted the event on my facebook page at exactly 6:15 pm Pacific Standard time.

After I posted it, around an hour went by, and I looked at my facebook feed to find the first post announcing that Congress had voted to end the shut down.

Yes, the same day that I announced the exorcism.

The vote to end the shut down was completed at 10:22pm Eastern Standard time.

Now, this is not to say I “made” the end of the shut down happen, obviously, they had been working on it all day, but I had not been following the progress that day and had no knowledge this would fall within the HOUR of my making the exorcism public.

I don’t attribute this to any “power” that I have, but rather, to the collective consciousness and how things beautifully line up synchronistically.

As with any synchronicity, it is important to look at the higher connections and pervading conscious forces with awe, respect and laughter.  I already have a theory that Facebook can act a bit like that machine Professor Xavier uses in the Xmen, to strangely connect us psychically to each other and this was just more evidence of that theory to me.

SO, this is where it gets strange…..

I put up a post on the event that the shut down has ended,

and my friend (the same friend who let me know about the Oarfish, actually)  puts a link up there that some Stenographer had an outburst on the floor in Congress.

Before I get into what happened there, meanwhile, on my event page on facebook, someone expressed displeasure with the mantra I had selected that I am repeating in order to prepare for the exorcism.  This happened before the Stenographer outbreak announcement.

I announced on the event page that I would recite the following mantra:


I had been saying said mantra all day already.  Since about noon of Wednesday October 16th.

The particular disagreement the gentlemen who made the complaint had with the mantra was that he asked me if I could please remove the “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” part.  It was upsetting to him and God didn’t care about our government, or play favorites and that our country was not more important than any other country, blah blah blah.  If I sent the government energy I was supporting tyranny, you know the usual.

My response was simply, if he felt God was an old man sitting on a throne on clouds handing out judgement and favorites, maybe that would be a problem, but that was not my personal view of G.O.D.  Further, I keep God in the exorcism.  I really am not sure how you would perform an exorcism without God, that would be quite a trick.  All I can think really, is if you enlisted the aid of a LARGER demon to kick out the demons in the Government. Because, as a person, you would have to have *quite* the mojo to pull that off.  But then you would have to find a demon LARGER than those occupying the Government branches. Ugh, so much work.

But then most folks only think of Catholics when they think of an exorcism at all. As if it HAS to be Catholic.  Or even Christian.  I must pause here for a moment and add a helpful reminder that Jesus the Christ was not the first person on earth to perform and exorcism.  Shamans have been doing it since the dawn of humanity, and using God.  Nearly every Pagan religion has a version of an exorcism.  So the problem is mostly, people have seen a movie and that is all they know of the situation.


At any rate, to close out the argument, I added that I live in the United States.  So if I didn’t want to do ANYTHING to try and help the situation, I could move out of the country, or just deal with the status quo.  Just like I LIVE in my body, if I get cancer, I can get out (and get a new body when I re-incarnate, a lot of work) by dying, or I can work with the body I have.  If I send it healing energy, I am not “supporting cancer”.  Just as sending healing energy to the Govt. does not support demons.

SO, all that over ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

To go back to the Stenographers outburst,

There was a recorder, Stenographer present on that day in congress, when all the other things I described above occured, and she decided, at 7:15pm Eastern Standard time, to Kanye West the Microphone and deliver a message of her OWN.

Now, as you can imagine, this would be like if during a court case, the court reporter went up and pushed the judge out of his chair and gave their two cents on the case.  It was unprecedented.

But it is so very, very interesting is the MESSAGE she decided to deliver.  You can hear it here.  And watch it here.

She said the house was divided, that is was NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  She said ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

The very words of my mantra, and the words chosen for the contention.  Not other words, of all the words in the world she could have said, she said those words.

“The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been, it would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons.”

She then said to all of Congress that they can not serve two masters, and then invoked the name of JESUS CHRIST.

The serving two masters was a reference to picking either God or money, but not both.

But she invoked the name of Jesus Christ,

now, maybe I am crazy, it is most likely true, but that sounds like an EXORCISM to me, if I ever heard one.  She called out the demon, the freemasons, and then in the name of Jesus rebuked them.

She was forcibly removed, after that.

When asked WHY she did what she did, she said, the Holy Spirit TOLD HER TO.  In other words, she felt it as her spiritual duty.


She said the Holy spirit had been talking to her for two weeks and she didnt know when or how she would deliver the message, but at that time, she sensed it was right.

so what was I doing at 7:15pm Eastern Standard time?

I was typing those very words of the mantra,



I am not writing this to think I had anything to do with this, but I was involved in the course of events, synchronistically in a marvelous fashion.

Merely relating the events as they actually occurred in awe, wonder and laughter.

I am really looking forward to the Exorcism, and am glad it has already begun.

I would only add, I do not see the Freemasons as evil, demons, or not under God.  They are people, like everyone else. The mistake the stenographer made was to SEPARATE herself, hierarchically placing herself above others and removing the possibility for union.  Because one is evil and she is not.

When we blame a group of people for evil, well, we know how that goes, look at America we are like experts on doing that.

Hopefully, I can avoid making this error and unify ALL PEOPLE in my intent. ONE NATION UNDER GOD means freemasons too, we don’t get to pick and choose only the people we like, or that are pretty or have moolah.  This isn’t an after school club, this is humanity in all its dirty glory.  We are all in this together, all of us who live on the dirt that is called by its government the United States.  Lots of messed up people were in the Government when the constitution was being signed,not just freemasons.  Lots of CHRISTIANS who were totally gnarly.   I mean we had SLAVES as we wrote “all men are created equal”.  Black people will be there, in my ritual, despite our efforts as a nation to break their souls and call them heathens as we rip their flesh to pieces.  And hey how about those Native Americans who still live in the country but aren’t included in anything? I’d like to invite them, if they will have us, but first we have to give back quite a bit of their property (and hey how about having FIRST NATIONS represented as sovereign nation states like Israel in the UNITED NATIONS?).  And atheists, of course, they have the best jokes.  Its gonna be a big party that I am sure Jesus would approve of.



The Vagina Exorcism

The Client came in.

Her main complaint?

Yeast infections.

The damn things would not go away.

She got them every month without fail.  She was extremely upset.  As one would imagine.

She had tried all manner of remedies, it wasn’t as if she was just hanging out being all like “hey cool, yeast infection!”

No, she was battling, it was war.  Nothing was working.

So I had an idea.

Most people view demonic possession as being taken over by, say, Abbadon, or something, but there is in fact ANOTHER kind of possession.

In the bible it is referred to as an invasion of an “unclean spirit”, who are responsible for causing disease.



Now, just because you happen to have the misfortune of acquiring an unclean spirit does NOT mean you are filthy.  It can happen to the best of us.  Even the most beautiful of Vaginas can incur some sort of unsavory event.

So I thought, Candida is a parasite, an INVADING entity. Why not treat it like a kind of possession attempting to take over the client’s body?

We consulted I Ching, the response we got was good old GU. Hexagram 18.

If you see what Lise says about it:

   Everybody has alien influences embedded in his soul. Many are hidden; one does not even know they exist. It seems as if they are part of the personality. Especially those one collected in childhood.
   In order to live one’s own life and one’s own fate, one has to get rid of them. The more one succeeds, the more happiness, strength and health will come back.

So I decided to give her an Exorcism to remove the Alien invader.

Now, in many older texts describing such entities, Jesus just shows up and kind of pops them off like bottle caps.  But That’s Jesus.  How about regular folk?  When Jesus is, you know, waiting for the apocalypse and isn’t exorcizing anyone anymore.

Is it just “tough luck” for the ol gal?

Well, I did some research and discovered, some techniques using something sweet to “lure” the unclean spirit out.  So we got an apple to be our GU vacuum cleaner, to extract the candida.

I was getting set up with the client, and I was wondering if maybe we should set up some ANGEL sigils, from the key of solomon, to help give me some mojo, since I am not of course, Jesus, when at that VERY moment, I received a text from my famous Clairvoyant friend which read:

Message from archangel Michael!!! Play with Fire and you get burned!!!!

So I decided against the use of angel sigils (actually I still haven’t used them, ever)

Instead we progressed with our apple, using a sympathetic magic technique of transference, we placed the Gu in the apple, then buried it.

When the ritual was complete she went on her way.

I got a message from her later, NO CANDIDA that month! Nor the next month either!!!

But drat, oh drat, on the third moon cycle it had returned.

BUT! she had gotten two free months, where as before it was incessant.  Perhaps we had it on the run?

What she noticed was that her ingestion of certain food would bring it back.  It was a hunger demon, that just wanted to eat what it wanted.  SUGAR.

So it seems that exorcisms (or mine anyway) are not for evs, but require maintenance with discipline as well.

It made sense.

You can make your bed everyday, and then if you stop making it, well, it gets messy again.

Demon wise it made sense too

An ALCOHOL DEMON must not be fed!!!!  Or it returns full force upon the victim, even if it has been totally eradicated through starvation.

So, the key we discovered was an echo of the teachings of I Ching and the ancient taoists:

Don’t FEED the GU.

If you get messed up, and something gnarly gets in you, in order to not get taken over by it, (this is really even about emotions if you want to get all uber psychologikal) you MUSN’T send it sustenance, if you can help it.  (and don’t judge yourself if you get taken over by a powerful GU, like say ebola, we can only try against these things really.  But why not try?)

Jesus might have exorcized the entire planet earth for all we know, Like a mother running after her messy children trying to keep her house up.

but that did not get rid of the demons, because people kept feeding them.  Probably not on purpose, mostly.  Obviously some people do it on purpose.

So I thought maybe it isn’t like you can “get rid” of some of these things, like anger, or fear, or candida, or Abbadon, we can only try to consciously keep them at bay to the best of our abilities, by watching our own actions.

NONE of this is to say you shouldn’t go to the doctor either.  Quite the contrary.  Use EVERYTHING.  In the battle against the GU, treat it like energy, like an invader, like a bad boyfriend, like a naughty child, get a diagnosis from a professional.  Be creative.

The Catholic church is pretty uptight with what they recognize as a “real” demonic invasion needing an exorcism.

But what if some demons look like this:





I just don’t think that is so weird.