January Eclipse: The Tail End of the Poison Mind and the Release of the Past

Almost exactly two years ago I posted regarding the Astrological Transits of the times,


and how they related to Poison,

and Gu

The Chinese concept of poison.


Now, as we begin the year 2018,

it so happens that we have come upon the tail end of this story.

Fast approaching, at the end of the month of January,

January 31st 2018,

There will be a pretty epic Moon situation

that has been causing a some Hullabaloo on the lips of many astrologers.


I would like to take a moment to focus on the point it will be occurring in the heavens because it relates back to my post concerning the Poison mind that we have all been digesting since the beginning of 2016.


On the 31st of January there will be a Full moon that will also be a Blue Moon that will also be a Blood Moon that will also be a Super moon and additionally, there will be an eclipse.

This moon will fall exactly on the point in heaven that coincides with the tail end of Draco the Dragon.

As I elucidated, the previous poison was connected with the Eye of the serpent, Draco which also was involved in the demise of our dearly beloved David Bowie.


Now we find ourselves coming out the tail of the serpent.

The Moon, and the eclipse, shall be occurring at 11 degrees Leo.

11 degrees Leo is conjunct a fixed star known by the name of


And this falls at the tail of Draco the Dragon


The tail of the Dragon is also known as the South node of destiny, and by the Vedic Astrologers it is called “Ketu

As opposed to the North Node which is known as “Rahu” at the Head of the Dragon, (in its eye) where we began our journey in 2016.

(if you would like to find out about your north & south node in your chart I have a downloadable course available Here)

At the end of January we will complete our Journey through the Dragon, which used to be the Polar star that all of heaven revolved around, and if we were lucky enough to not be amongst those reaped in the process we have developed some immunity to its poison.

For those of us that had an event this past AUGUST with the eclipses, this eclipse on January 31st will have a relationship to that time.  Many of the Leo’s that I know had a very difficult time during the eclipse at the 21st of August, so hopefully this eclipse shall provide some respite and release from the poison ingested then and bestow a superpower or healing ability that can aide others who go through a similar event.

The MOST important thing, however, that stood out to me regarding this particular star at the tail of the dragon was about Punishment and Enemies.

The word “Giansar” is Hebrew and it means “The Punished Enemy

So I would like to put forth a warning for all who feel that they do have enemies that deserve punishment.

While contemplating the meaning of this event, I was lead synchronistically to a series of messages concerning how to deal with the rectification of harm in order to restore Justice and to encourage all to follow protocol rather than punishment.

The events, for me,  came in the form of the word REDRESS.

Much like repentance, redress means to correct a harm, but to do so in a particular fashion, namely through attempts at rectification and rebuilding rather than destruction and annihilation.

It also mentioned that there are better ways to go about making a complaint than others.

Obviously, there are cases of poison that necessitate larger agencies, but some small poisons can be dealt with through the face.

The south node and the Dragon’s tail have to do with past Karma, past lives, hungry ghosts and demons of the past.

This time at the eclipse will ask us:

what can be redressed within the self

what must be redressed with the other

cultural and global redresses

and what must be redressed with higher powers.

Be sure to use discernment with all of these

and for all of the above

decide wether or not it is necessary to make an enemy

and how to still deal with issues without opposition

In order to come to a solution

The south node is

of the sins of our fathers.

If we are to move past what has been,

into a new time,

what will that involve?

How do you release the past without just ignoring the problems it is causing ? Action at rectification will be needed.  Not just some cute little “letting go” we actually have to do a lot of things to fix things.


Ketu on the Dragon’s tail is letting in the collective past Karma for all of us to digest, redress and release

so immunity to the poison of Gu will need to be remembered.

If there are lessons that you learned since 2016

do not forget them

but incorporate them in order for growth to occur during this eclipse.


Make a different choice.

Often redemption is not just about observing and understanding

but about decision and action.

so if there was a scene that occurred in your past,

or in our collective past as a country and as humans,

that you find repeated on the 31st of January,

make a different choice.

Ketu is sometimes called a “personal eclipse point”

so when there is an eclipse on Ketu,

it deals with struggles with Destiny.

We can all be confronted with a Destiny marker at the point

on this day

I think it will be both our individual destiny and


learning what the Destiny of being a Human means.

Try to stay open

action must be taken on larger levels

in order to move beyond

what has been past

into a new time.

Think a new thought every day between now and then.
I also wanted to add, we will be having Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Scorpio opening all to their inner vengeance seekers.
This really is just a search for justice and acknowledgement.
The Scorpion tail has poison that is used for retribution, but that also can be a powerful medicine, make sure you don’t overdose.
Also, I looked at the chart of Charles Manson upon his passing,
and I saw that when he died, he had his Jupiter return in scorpio, and I looked it up and it fell on this star
“Khambalia, Lambda Virginis. It is a Mercury-Mars star by Ptolemy. The name has its roots in old Coptic and means ‘Crooked Claw’, most probably the same device which we call also the Swastika,”
He had come round full circle.
The influence of the stars can be shown upon our foreheads,
be aware of Destined influences and be conscious when they unfold before you.
As we come to the Tail of the poisoned mind
keep a clear head
Don’t sting with your poisoned tail
in Personal vendetta
but work towards rectification
using your poison sac
as medicine for those in need.

The Destruction of the Poison Mind in 2016


When I looked at the Astrological chart for 2016,

I had a single, immediate thought;


Now I know, that is a very aggressive word.  Might seem kinda, negative or whatever, but listen just a second.

Because Poison is in fact the PERFECT word.

I arrived at this word  due to narcissism (its own special kind of poison ).

I looked at the chart for 2016, and the first  spot I looked at was the Sagittarius area of the sky for no other reason than of course, I am Sagittarius, so that’s annoying, sure.

Because I have ridiculously, obsessively studied the specific spots in heaven at the moment of my own birth,

I was able to see two things that maybe other people wouldn’t see,


So what I saw, when I looked at the heaven charts for 2016

was poison.



one is the location of Venus at the start of 2016 at 2 degrees Sagittarius

and one is due to the location of Saturn at 11 degrees Sagittarius at the start of 2016.

I know these two positions in heaven because 2 degrees is where my sun was located at birth

and 11 degrees is the location of my north node, said to be a persons purpose or reason for incarnation in astrological circles.

These two spots respectively have close affiliations with poison and poisoning,

at two degrees Sagittarius we find ourselves at the star at the tip of a poisoned Arrow being held by the Centaur.   It’s the poison coating or substance  on the arrow about to be shot into the heart of the scorpion.

The Second spot in the chart at 11 degrees Sagittarius is the eye of the poisonous serpent or dragon.

It is a venomous eye that eminates outwards when you gaze upon it like the basilisk or evil eye.

We can start with the first point, Venus at 2 degrees and the idea of the poison arrow.

The constellation of Sagittarius itself is rather wrapped in an idea of poison venom. And in a way for the UNIVERSE to shout this into my ears,

as I’m looking at these poison stars, it was around my birthday, November 24th 2015 that my best friend gave me my birthday present not knowing my current poison thought train.  My birthday gift was this book, in a very literal reflection of the star the sun was next to in heaven at the time at 2 degrees sagittarius:



I opened it, and it landed directly upon this page which actually had the words “poison arrow” on the page:


So I kept looking into it.

The constellation of Sagittarius had poison, bow arrow and toxin all rolled up in there together:

“The Greeks called this constellation Toxeutes, the Archer, from Toxon, bow. Modern archers are known as toxophilites or ‘bow lovers’, toxophily is the sport of ` archery. The word Taxus, the yew genus and the Latin word for yew, is of the same origin as Greek toxon, bow. In Europe bows were mostly made from yew, and English bows in particular were invariably cut from yew trees. Greek toxicon, neuter of the adjective toxicos, means ‘arrow poison’ and poisons smeared on arrows were fired from bows (toxa or toxon) derived from the yew-tree. Our verb intoxicate originally meant ‘to poison’. The 17th century herbalist Nicolas Culpepper said of Yew toxins: “it is the most active vegetable poison known in the whole world, for in a small dose it instantly induces death” [1].”


toxic (adj.)

1660s, from French toxique and directly from Late Latin toxicus “poisoned,” from Latin toxicum “poison,” from Greek toxikon (pharmakon) “(poison) for use on arrows,” from toxikon, neuter of toxikos “pertaining to arrows or archery,” and thus to a bow, from toxon “bow,” probably from a Scythian word that also was borrowed into Latin as taxus “yew.” Watkins suggests a possible source in Iranian taxša- “bow,” from PIE *tekw- “to run, flee.” As a noun from 1890.

If we look at the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio, we see that the Sag is shooting a poison arrow at the Heart of the Scorpion (ANTARES) while the Scorpion Stings the sag on its Ankle, in some kind of like “Venom hug” or something.

Its venomous prick against venomous prick and may the best prick win.

Strange?  Well, this is kind of an old story, of pitching poison against poison.  For those of you Kung Fu fans who perhaps viewed the incredible film, Five Deadly Venoms you know that story is just such a story.  That film is based on a concept in China called GU, or like GU POISON.  GU means toxin, poison black magic gross thing.  This subject of GU is one I have researched in a large amount of depth, and it almost pains me bring up only one aspect of it, I hope at one point to be able to deliver an entire lecture on the subject of GU POISON from the Chinese Perspective,

but for now I shall say this;

at the heart of the teaching of GU POISON ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gu_(poison)  is a concept from Chinese Shamanic practices that there is like a pit or container, something sealed that you can shut, and inside this container, you throw one each of five venomous toxic creatures (perhaps metaphors for our emotions).  The specific creatures have a few variations but tend to be like a scorpion, a centipede , a toad, a spider and a snake.

Then they all fight it out.

and the toughest one wins

and turns into this like


Golden WORM

like a silk worm kind of?

Also and very important to the GU POISON story is that all of the above mentioned creatures, including the silk worm are actually forms of medicine in Chinese Herbal studies .

Very powerful Medicines in fact.

The term snake oil salesman may have originated form these medicines which ironically enough REALLY DO WORK ( http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21569015-snake-venom-being-used-cure-rather-kill-toxic-medicine ), there is nothing fake about the medicinal properties of snake venom, and nothing safe about them either, collecting snake venom (for antidotes for bites  –>which of course means you actually use the poison itself as part of the cure<–)  is a profession in the highest death risk category.

After all the venoms have been mixed up we are left with the magical golden worm,

its like


it is


This is the key of poison.

This makes it seem, like poison is good for you, or MAKES YOU STRONGER.

The fact of the matter is,

It is actually scientifically true, that poison CAN make you stronger.

If you don’t believe me, go ask antibiotic resistant bacteria.

They are pretty invincible and all because they were able to not die when confronted with a poison, antibiotics.  So in terms of becoming a super duper un-killable thing, there is a missing ingredient.


In an example of a human being trying to be like the golden worm mentioned above we need look no further than the case of Mithradates VI Eupator of Pontus in the first century bc.  If you aren’t familiar with the name, perhaps you have heard of Mithradate, the famous antidote and cure-all named in his honor.  Mithradates spent several years living alone in the forest ingesting poisons according to legend.  He did this in order that he would become immune to all poisons, this is an ancient practice predating him of course.

Really he was like giving himself venom vaccinations just by taking tons of awful things into his body. (ps DONT TRY THIS PLEASE)

According to Wikipedia, the incredible story runs as follows:

“Mithridate takes its name from its inventor, Mithradates VI, King of Pontus (134 to 63 BC) who is said to have so fortified his body against poisons with antidotes and preservatives, that when he tried to kill himself, he could not find any poison that would have an effect, and, according to some legends, had to ask a soldier to run him through with a sword…When Mithridates VI was at last defeated by Pompey and in danger of capture by Rome, he is alleged to have attempted suicide by poison; this attempt failed, however, because of his immunity to the poison.[21] According to Appian’s Roman History, he then requested his Gaulish bodyguard and friend, Bituitus, to kill him by the sword.  Mithridate, also known as mithridatium, mithridatum, or mithridaticum, is a semi-mythical remedy with as many as 65 ingredients, used as an antidote for poisoning,   It was among one of the most complex, highly sought-after drugs during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly in Italy and France, where they were in continual use for centuries.[1] An updated recipe called theriac (Theriacum Andromachi) was known well into the 19th century.[2]  The recipe for the reputed antidote was found in his cabinet, written with his own hand, and was carried to Rome by Pompey. It was translated into Latin by Pompey’s freedman Lenaeus, and later improved upon by Nero’s physician Andromachus and Marcus Aurelius’s physician Galen.[3] It likely underwent considerable alterations since the time of Mithradates.[2]”

His strategy, that of placing inside of him everything we are ever told to avoid upon threat of death, worked very well to stave off death, if the story is true.

I must pause here briefly to mention, while I was researching the very above items, I went to check my facebook and immediately in the feed was this message from Keanu Reeves someone had posted;

“My friend’s mom has eaten healthy all her life. Never ever consumed alcohol or any ‘bad’ food, exercised every day, very limber, very active, took all supplements suggested by her doctor, never went in the sun without sunscreen and when she did it was for as short a period as possible – so pretty much she protected her health with the utmost that anyone could. She is now 76 and has skin cancer, bone marrow cancer and extreme osteoporosis.  My friend’s father eats bacon on top of bacon, butter on top of butter, fat on top of fat, never and I mean never exercised, was out in the sun burnt to a crisp every summer, he basically took the approach to live life to his fullest and not as others suggest. He is 81 and the doctors say his health is that of a young person.  People you cannot hide from your poison. It’s out there and it will find you so in the words of my friend’s still living mother: ‘if I would have known my life would end this way I would have lived it more to the fullest enjoying everything I was told not to!’”

Pretty good right?

But what is Poison exactly?  What does that mean?  When most people think about poison you think about ew, oh no, gross, or deadly toxic something generally that is very ver BAD and must be avoided at all cost, the cost of life itself.

The word poison itself VERY weirdly means “to give a gift”. Like to “give something to” and is related to virus, which you can literally give to people.

If we look up the etymology of the word GIFT we see that sure enough, look at that, poison:

gift (n.)

mid-13c. “that which is given” (c. 1100 in surnames), from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse gift, gipt “gift; good luck,” from Proto-Germanic *giftiz (cognates: Old Saxon gift, Old Frisian jefte, Middle Dutch ghifte “gift,” German Mitgift “dowry”), from PIE root *ghabh- “to give or receive” (see habit). For German Gift, Dutch, Danish, Swedish gift “poison,” see poison (n.).

It is strange to have such a negative word attributed with such a positive word.

It gets extra weird  because if you go back and read that GU POISON page from wikipedia I posted it says in there that GU POISON can be GIVEN to someone else (?!) on purpose.

We find another word interrelated, DOSE.  The word dose is specific to the concept of a Dr. giving a dose of medicine, so like to give here is like to give medicine, but also somehow, to give poison. so poison and medicine are taking a similar meaning.

somehow we have these all being kind of the same:








(didonai- that which is given, dose)


present (n.2)

  1. 1200, “thing offered, what is offered or given as a gift,” from Old French present and Medieval Latin presentia, from phrases such as French en present “(to offer) in the presence of,” mettre en present “place before, give,” from Late Latin inpraesent “face to face,” from Latin in re praesenti “in the situation in question,” from praesens “being there” (see present (adj.)), on the notion of “bringing something into someone’s presence.”

From these we can surmise that a poison is passed from one thing to another for the purpose of coming into confrontation with something else (that something could be you) in a present moment.

The face to face part makes it pretty confrontational, like you have to look in its eyes.  like a boxing match.  Or like a chess match.  like the venomous creatures pitted against each other.  Gladiators.

Poison is something introduced to you, given to you from the outside, and it enters your inside and you have to wrestle with it until the two of you come to an agreement, or stasis and then either you win and kick out the poison, the poison wins and you die, you can GIVE it to someone else, or you and the poison both just hang out together.

The more agreeable your body is to outside things coming in, you could maybe take anything and be cool.   But it all depends on how FONZ you really are.

The other thing that seems worth mentioning, is that it takes time to develop this inner Fonz, and it has to get use to these poisons over years and bit by bit, one by one.

The difference between poison and cure is dose.


So, to go back to the stars, and 2016,

and how it shall be a year of poison,

lets focus on the other point for a moment,

the one where Saturn is seated

at 11 degrees Sagittarius.

The poisonous Dragon’s eye.


The names of the star sitting at 11 degrees sagittarius where Saturn starts the year are Rastaban and Alwaid.

They are in the constellation of Draco:

“The early astrologers called Draco “The Poisonous Dragon”. The traditional name, from the Arabic phrase ra’s ath-thu’ban (“head of the serpent”) is less commonly written Rastaben. It is also known as Asuia and Alwaid, the latter meaning “who is to be destroyed,” though some trace it to Arabic al’awwad (“the lute player”).  Constellation Draco is like Saturn and Mars. Draco gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and of accidental poisoning. It was said by the Ancients that when a comet was here poison was scattered over the world.”


It bears mentioning that this star, at one point was in fact the pole star.

They estimate Alwaid was the pole star around 3500 bc, and the Egyptian temples of Karnak were oriented towards it.

This dragon, you see, is in the CENTER of our sky.

in the middle of the whole circle of the procession of the zodiac.

Think about a may pole, you know the ones with all the streamers coming down from them and everyone dances in a circle.

Thats like the stars

and one star is the one in the middle that everything else is going around.

The inner ring.

In fact the point known as the exact Center of the Galaxy (the Galactic Center) is at around 26 degrees Sagittarius, not very far away, and close to another star in the constellation of Draco.


Now I stopped a minute and thought about that name, Alwaid.

it says it means


That seems to me to mean this draco snake was a loser in the poison battle, and was in fact destroyed by something else.

Some golden worm got it.

Upon further inspection I found out that the head of Draco in the sky is sometimes placed under the HEEL of the hercules constellation, like Hercules is stepping on it.

Destroying it.  He is the golden worm.

This image of stepping on the head of a serpent is of course, all over the place in the bible.

And I found this from some crazy bible guy’s bible star book:


It is here we start to get an idea of what exactly the nature of this poison is that we are talking about here.

or I did anyway, because I made the connection to the whole DECEIVER  mythology

the poison we are dealing with in 2016 is;

the mind.

all our minds.

Mind itself.

We each have to defeat the poison of our deceiver, and get into the CENTER of our minds, the labyrinths,  where the big snake is hiding and stomp right on its eyeball.

To do this we must use the poison as its own cure, use our minds to defeat our minds. The PRESENT MOMENT is the gift we are given to defeat the poison of the mind deceiver.

we have to lock ourselves in a room with all our venomous wrestlers and face ourselves.

Draco is the the voice of doubt inside your ear.

Now before this starts getting too christian for you guys, I’ll go ahead and max out on the christian/Jewish stuff right now and give you your dose of it all at once.

The other person, other than hercules shown trampling on the head of the serpent is Mary,

and a version of Mary called the “woman clothed with sun” or the “woman of the apocalypse”


In this famous scene where she trmaples the serpent, she is becoming the victor over what Eve could not defeat in the garden of eden when the voice of doubt started talking in her ear (sometimes described like a POISONOUS VENOMOUS TOAD)



To go back to Hercules,  now that we crammed all that bible stuff in, check this out what it says about him hearing crazy voices in his ear, just like Eve did;


“Another title for Hercules was Trapezius, a trapeze artist. Tightrope walkers perform a balancing act, they need to know how to keep their centre of gravity constant so they don’t overbalance and topple off the tightrope. Balance is an inner ear function. The second element in the name Herakles -kles, -kleos, is related to the word listen, and to Latin cluere, ‘to listen’. His name might be analyzed as ‘listening in the air’, suggesting an early amphibious creature that emerged from the ocean and developed an ear function that gave the ability to listen in the then hostile air [hostile Hera] when the air was ‘thin’ due to low oxygen levels. The myth describes how Hercules, in a state of madness induced by Hera, heard voices in his ears telling him to kill his family. Listening is a function of the inner ear, the inner ear is also referred to as the Labyrinth. The ancient name for epilepsy was Hercules morbus ‘the disease of Hercules’, it was also called the falling sickness, the sufferer loses balance and suddenly falls to the ground.” –http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Hercules.html 

Now here, I just really had to stop for a second. I know so much stopping, but DUDES

the other thing that happened was I watched the movie room 237 about the shining and how it talks about the LABYRINTH symbolism in the movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick in which of course a man goes crazy hears voices and tries to murder his family, just like hercules mentioned above.   There is also an oxygen connection in that the hotel is at high altitude or low oxygen which somehow makes people go crazy and kill themselves).  So what happened is, Hercules is influenced by his environment, what is outside of him (the thin air?) is influencing his thoughts and actions.  Giving him “ideas”.   That movie articulated this idea I am talking about right now so well (towards the end), it is highly worth watching.  Something in both of these examples, Hercules & The Shining, is influencing the mind to do destructive things that aren’t necessary.  This is a venom.  This is a poison.

This is deceiver. An illusion. Mind poison.

The eye of Draco is the center of the poisonous source of destruction we all hold within us and the capacity to fight to the death to protect ourselves (our lizard or reptile mind which is Draco).

So listen,

dont freak out about poison, its the thing at the center of everything.

We are surrounded by poisons.

They seep into us with every breath.  Get used to it.


We must work with time (Saturn) to build our resistance and immunity to them.  We must not react to them.  We must get Fonz.

Try to build immunities to your own negative reactions and ideas (which might not even be yours as in the case of Hercules someone or thing might be GIVING them to you), these are filling your body with all kinds of toxic venoms.  Quit giving your poisons to everyone else, keep them in your own container until the best one wins.

2016 is a year when we have to carefully observe all the voices and commands we are hearing in our ears and focus very keenly on taking their venom in small doses that we may become immune to the toxic productions of our thoughts regarding data and information that our senses deliver to us. Recognize that serpent eye looking at everything, judging everything and disregard ALL of its OPINIONS.

I am hoping that SATURN seated here upon the dragon eye as we begin 2016 is an indicator that many of us will be able to SEE this toxic outpouring of poison at the source of it.  I am hoping that Venus located at the poison arrow tip will administer whatever medicine we need, as humanity, to be able to think when the times get tough of something other than the worst case scenario, and that we need to just kill everything in order to live.  Confusion could just get so rampant, we won’t be able to miss it for what it is.

May we each become a golden worm this year.

You might want to go eat a whole bunch of poison after reading this to get real strong, but

here is my advice;

What is the best hair of the dog to take in 2016 for the cure to the poisoned mind?

A taste of your own medicine.

 -White Witch

The Vagina Exorcism

The Client came in.

Her main complaint?

Yeast infections.

The damn things would not go away.

She got them every month without fail.  She was extremely upset.  As one would imagine.

She had tried all manner of remedies, it wasn’t as if she was just hanging out being all like “hey cool, yeast infection!”

No, she was battling, it was war.  Nothing was working.

So I had an idea.

Most people view demonic possession as being taken over by, say, Abbadon, or something, but there is in fact ANOTHER kind of possession.

In the bible it is referred to as an invasion of an “unclean spirit”, who are responsible for causing disease.



Now, just because you happen to have the misfortune of acquiring an unclean spirit does NOT mean you are filthy.  It can happen to the best of us.  Even the most beautiful of Vaginas can incur some sort of unsavory event.

So I thought, Candida is a parasite, an INVADING entity. Why not treat it like a kind of possession attempting to take over the client’s body?

We consulted I Ching, the response we got was good old GU. Hexagram 18.

If you see what Lise says about it:

   Everybody has alien influences embedded in his soul. Many are hidden; one does not even know they exist. It seems as if they are part of the personality. Especially those one collected in childhood.
   In order to live one’s own life and one’s own fate, one has to get rid of them. The more one succeeds, the more happiness, strength and health will come back.

So I decided to give her an Exorcism to remove the Alien invader.

Now, in many older texts describing such entities, Jesus just shows up and kind of pops them off like bottle caps.  But That’s Jesus.  How about regular folk?  When Jesus is, you know, waiting for the apocalypse and isn’t exorcizing anyone anymore.

Is it just “tough luck” for the ol gal?

Well, I did some research and discovered, some techniques using something sweet to “lure” the unclean spirit out.  So we got an apple to be our GU vacuum cleaner, to extract the candida.

I was getting set up with the client, and I was wondering if maybe we should set up some ANGEL sigils, from the key of solomon, to help give me some mojo, since I am not of course, Jesus, when at that VERY moment, I received a text from my famous Clairvoyant friend which read:

Message from archangel Michael!!! Play with Fire and you get burned!!!!

So I decided against the use of angel sigils (actually I still haven’t used them, ever)

Instead we progressed with our apple, using a sympathetic magic technique of transference, we placed the Gu in the apple, then buried it.

When the ritual was complete she went on her way.

I got a message from her later, NO CANDIDA that month! Nor the next month either!!!

But drat, oh drat, on the third moon cycle it had returned.

BUT! she had gotten two free months, where as before it was incessant.  Perhaps we had it on the run?

What she noticed was that her ingestion of certain food would bring it back.  It was a hunger demon, that just wanted to eat what it wanted.  SUGAR.

So it seems that exorcisms (or mine anyway) are not for evs, but require maintenance with discipline as well.

It made sense.

You can make your bed everyday, and then if you stop making it, well, it gets messy again.

Demon wise it made sense too

An ALCOHOL DEMON must not be fed!!!!  Or it returns full force upon the victim, even if it has been totally eradicated through starvation.

So, the key we discovered was an echo of the teachings of I Ching and the ancient taoists:

Don’t FEED the GU.

If you get messed up, and something gnarly gets in you, in order to not get taken over by it, (this is really even about emotions if you want to get all uber psychologikal) you MUSN’T send it sustenance, if you can help it.  (and don’t judge yourself if you get taken over by a powerful GU, like say ebola, we can only try against these things really.  But why not try?)

Jesus might have exorcized the entire planet earth for all we know, Like a mother running after her messy children trying to keep her house up.

but that did not get rid of the demons, because people kept feeding them.  Probably not on purpose, mostly.  Obviously some people do it on purpose.

So I thought maybe it isn’t like you can “get rid” of some of these things, like anger, or fear, or candida, or Abbadon, we can only try to consciously keep them at bay to the best of our abilities, by watching our own actions.

NONE of this is to say you shouldn’t go to the doctor either.  Quite the contrary.  Use EVERYTHING.  In the battle against the GU, treat it like energy, like an invader, like a bad boyfriend, like a naughty child, get a diagnosis from a professional.  Be creative.

The Catholic church is pretty uptight with what they recognize as a “real” demonic invasion needing an exorcism.

But what if some demons look like this:





I just don’t think that is so weird.