Management of ILL WILL Dehumanization Sin and Reciprocity when there is no Justice

Human beings


to be treated fairly

this is the golden rule of reciprocity and justice

this is not only human but found all over Nature and in many organism populations in the universe.



Called “Reciprocal Altruism

even vampire bats are shown to exhibit it:

Vampire bats[edit]

Vampire bats also display reciprocal altruism, as described by Wilkinson.[18][19] The bats feed each other by regurgitating blood. Since bats only feed on blood and will die after just 70 hours of not eating, this food sharing is a great benefit to the receiver and a great cost to the giver.[20] To qualify for reciprocal altruism, the benefit to the receiver would have to be larger than the cost to the donor. This seems to hold as these bats usually die if they do not find a blood meal two nights in a row. Also, the requirement that individuals who have behaved altruistically in the past are helped by others in the future is confirmed by the data.[18] However, the consistency of the reciprocal behaviour, namely that a previously non-altruistic bat is refused help when it requires it, has not been demonstrated. Therefore, the bats do not seem to qualify yet as an unequivocal example of reciprocal altruism.   (from wikipedia)



<note, the problem is, this is also PASSION which is a wonderful human quality, and without such emotional natures and reactions, we find we are PASSIONLESS bummer>

inform most of your decisions and are emotional gut, instinctual reactions.

these inform your choices, like I will be friends with them because I LIKE them, or

I can not be your friend any more because now I do not LIKE you because you were not reciprocal towards me, you are taking too much and I feel like I gave you a lot and did not get back what I gave.

this is reciprocity

and these are PREFERENCES and PREFERENTIAL treatment based on emotional response

There is a fable that when the badger had been stung all over by bees, a bear consoled him by a rhapsodic account of how he himself had just breakfasted on their honey. The badger replied peevishly, “The stings are in my flesh, and the sweetness is on your muzzle.” The bear, it is said, was surprised at the badger’s want of altruism. [“George Eliot,” “Theophrastus Such,” 1879]

When we do not get treated in this fashion it creates


Also known as “SIN” or “THE EVIL EYE” or also “HUBRIS”


grudge (n.)

“ill will excited by some special cause,” late 15c., from grudge (v.).

mid-15c., “to murmur, complain,” variant of grutch. Meaning “to begrudge, envy, wish to deprive of” is c. 1500. Related: Grudged; grudges; grudging; grudgingly.
c. 1200, grucchen, “to murmur, complain, find fault with, be angry,” from Old French grouchier, grocier “to murmur, to grumble,” of unknown origin, perhaps from Germanic, probably ultimately imitative. Meaning “to begrudge” is c. 1400. Compare gruccild (early 13c.) “woman who complains,” from grutch + suffix of unknown origin. Related: Grutched; grutching. As a noun from c. 1400.
also the origin of Groutch
“ill-tempered person,” 1896, earlier “state of irritable glumness” (1890, in expressions such as to have a grouch on), U.S. college student slang, of uncertain origin, possibly from grutching “complaint, grumbling” (see grutch).

The Grouch, on the other Hand, gave a correct Imitation of a Bear with a Sore Toe. His Conversation was largely made up of Grunts. He carried a Facial Expression that frightened little Children in Street Cars and took all the Starch out of sentimental Young Ladies. He seemed perpetually to carry the Hoof-Marks of a horrible Nightmare. [George Ade, “People You Know,” 1902]

The verb is 1916, from the noun. Related: Grouched; grouching. Grouch bag “purse for carrying money secretly” (1908), probably so called for keeping the cash hidden from compatriots; it is the source of the nickname of U.S. comedian Julius “Groucho” Marx (1890-1977), who supposedly carried his money to poker games in one.

This can create many problems for everyone


including illness and sickness, (BECAUSE WOE IS ME )

especially of the Grudge bearer, or the one who feels the contempt (righteous or not) the strongest

this can be because they are HIDDEN in this GRUDGE PURSE


“Most people seemed to believe that they were experts of their own life story,” he writes. “They had a set of memories that they strung like beads, and this necklace told a sensible tale.” But, he suggests that “most of these stories would fall apart under strict examination — that, in fact, we were only peeping through a keyhole of our lives, and the majority of the truth, the reality of what happened to us, was hidden.”


Synonym Discussion of ill will

malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer.

    • felt no malice toward their former enemies

malevolence suggests a bitter persistent hatred that is likely to be expressed in malicious conduct.

    • a look of dark malevolence

ill will implies a feeling of antipathy of limited duration.

    • ill willprovoked by a careless remark

spite implies petty feelings of envy and resentment that are often expressed in small harassments.

    • petty insults inspired by spite

malignity implies deep passion and relentlessness.

    • a life consumed by motiveless malignity

spleensuggests the wrathful release of latent spite or persistent malice.

    • venting his spleenagainst politicians

grudge implies a harbored feeling of resentment or ill will that seeks satisfaction.

    • never one to harbor a grudge

Since often this ILL WILL

is JUSTIFIED by a terrible thing or trauma,


to be carried by the victim, or holder of the cheat, we carry the burden of the beast

This must be minded and healed  AND SHARED in order that it not consume everyone and everything into dehumanizing, demonizing cycles of samsara,

but it proves very difficult to reconcile, and certainly we are a far way off from it yet.

If you find your CONTEMPT is too large to reconcile, consider growing it SO LARGE it covers over everything, this too can be a strategy for managing it called CONTEMPTUS MUNDI where the hatred is taken on as a spiritual practice that accepts that the world and worldly things contain darkness hate and horror.

Gaining and researching strategies for healing your contempt must be investigated if you find you are consumed by it, in order that the poison not toxify you body mind and soul.


To tame the wolf of hate, it’s important to get a handle on “ill will” – irritated, resentful, and angry feelings and intentions toward others. While it may seem justified in the moment, ill will harms you probably more than it harms others. In another metaphor, having ill will toward others is like throwing hot coals with bare hands: both people get burned.

Avoiding ill will does not mean passivity, allowing yourself or others to be exploited, staying silent in the face of injustice, etc.

There is plenty of room for speaking truth to power and effective action without succumbing to ill will. Think of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or the Dalai Lama as examples. In fact, with a clear mind and a peaceful heart, your actions are likely to be more effective.

Ill will creates negative, vicious cycles. But that means that good will can create positive cycles. Plus good will cultivates wholesome qualities in you.”


Buddhism present strategies and acknowledgements of these as well as the obstacles such emotional preferences cause in our lives,

2. ill will

Ill will (vyapada) is similar to sense desire in that the object of the hindrance is its dominant feature; this is not the case with the other three hindrances.  In both sense desire and ill will we are strongly attached to an object which we are reluctant to let go.  With sense desire we are trapped through our craving; in the case of ill will we are trapped through our aversion to it – yet the fascination of the object, the power of its spell over us, is no less strong.


The I Ching Recommends meeting people HALF WAY or in the middle, which is a way of the golden rule, or middle path and even if you CANT give them total emancipation from their evil, you could give them part and in that way not sacrifice your own values nor take everything for yourself

Ultimately each individual will have to find what works best for themselves and what they want to feed their hate wolf, and what they want to starve it from,

but this is a deeply internal and natural phenomenon that each human being must and should wrestle with in order to come into harmony and equilibrium with their resting state, especially when experiencing severe disturbance of any kind.



Shamanic and indigenous practices to deal with these kinds of disturbances are many and varied, for a system you can implement that includes these strategies please see here and investigate THE WAY OF HEAVEN 



when low skies weightier than a coffin-lid
cast on the moaning soul their weary blight,
and from the whole horizon’s murky grid
its grey light drips more dismal than the night;

when earth’s a dungeon damp whose chill appals,
in which — a fluttering bat — my Hope, alone
buffets with timid wing the mouldering walls
and beats her head against the dome of stone;

when close as prison-bars, from overhead,
the clouds let fall the curtain of the rains,
and voiceless hordes of spiders come, to spread
their infamous cobwebs through our darkened brains,

explosively the bells begin to ring,
hurling their frightful clangour toward the sky,
as homeless spirits lost and wandering
might raise their indefatigable cry;

and ancient hearses through my soul advance
muffled and slow; my Hope, now pitiful,
weeps her defeat, and conquering Anguish plants
his great black banner on my cowering skull.

— Charles Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil (New York: Ives Washburn, 1931)


Occult Dialogue Techniques and Re-engaging in Socratic Method & Ancient Wisdom to Evolve humanity

Hi Guys,


Please watch and share this information in order to educate people on how to manage Humanity in difficult times according to Ancient Wisdom.

Thanks to Arden Leigh for her great show Peace Talks, and having me on to investigate these issues and big thanks to Dromebox for hosting.




The Secret of Medusa, and the True Meaning of Pegasus



As you form a thought of a thing within your mind,


When you SEE that thing with your eyes, it goes through the FILTER of your mind,


Thus, if you have a pre existing notion of a thing it literally, locationally must pass through that thought when it comes into your physical vision.


For example if you feel great love for someone, or obsessive infatuation, you will see only what is beautiful and not their shadows. (and when a shadow of theirs is revealed, your heart shall break in betrayal, a silly thing really since the shadow is there all along).

If you see someone as evil or demonic, you will see only their faults and never their positive characteristics, you mind makes them incapable of performing any act of love, simply because they once performed an act of hate. Not very accurate, for any one can make any choice at any time. Just because people DON’T choose consciously doesn’t mean they CANT (obviously with some exception due to impairments). This is very crucial to understanding human potential.

We shall never grow if we hold to some “belief that no one will ever change, and we project that “belief” on everyone including ourselves.

Turning ourselves and everyone else into stone.

This is the secret of Medusa.


Our own hatred of humanity is what turns us back to the earth from which we came and prevents us from soaring above it.

Medusa is the hatred and punishment and fear that lives in the hearts of us all. Medusa was once a beautiful maiden who was the envy of all with long flowing hair. She was raped by Poisidon in Athena’s temple and was then punished and turned into the snake monster that is the Gorgon. Because Medusa can not let go of her butt hurt towards men for her unfair treatment, she becomes venomous and poisonous.  She believes only that all men are evil. And so they become frozen, no longer able to grow as soon as she gazes upon them. Because the thought of hatred for them has formed so strongly in her mind, she can actually project it upon them through her eyeballs. Perseus only escapes this fate because he is able to not “take in” her idea of him, and maintains his own identity (free from guilt or blame) by reflecting her back upon herself. Thus refusing HER thought (which is like an infectious virus) and keeping his own view of himself and the world.


To see things in reality as they truly are requires an evaporation of no less than every single thought you had ever,

The continuous new experience of the Shiva fountainhead

The perpetual renewing of the mind.


This is the secret of Pegasus. Pegasus means “spring” or fountain, or “to emerge”. Pegasus is born from the blood of Medusa after Perseus cuts off her head. The fountain of blood pouring from Medusa’s head brings forth the beautiful pure and free form of Pegasus. Medusa is not killed, but rather, transformed into her pure spirit, which is now free from all the thoughts (thus the symbolism of the decapitation, the quieting of the mind parasite) of hatred and evil men.  She no longer dwells on her suffering and unjust punishment. She is set free.

The true burden of all victims is to keep Love through all their tragedy unjustly inflicted upon them by others, perhaps the most difficult task in all the world.

Free from the punishment she is inflicting on herself as a result of the inability to accept and forgive the pain of her past.

It is PEGASUS that Perseus rides to meet the Kraken, and KILL it with the very head of Medusa.   Medusa’s poison is now turned into a CURE, and shall save the day.  In other words, this ONCE EVIL THING now provides SALVATION

The cure slays the beast that now threatens the to kill the innocent virgin Andromeda.

In order to keep purity in the world then,

Through the understanding of Medusa’s story,


One must not cling to unjustices and victimization, heart break, trauma, horrifying rapes, murders or slavery.  Although it is understandable to do so, and there is no judgement for such states, as PAIN of course is so difficult.

One must not cling to things. One must transform as a result of them. One must not allow one’s self to be poisoned by the terrible actions of others upon our forms,

One must take all the bitterness from these actions and use it as medicine to fight fear itself.

The power we have to destroy each other is doled out wantonly on each other, as irresponsible children strangling each other with jump ropes.

If that ability was used only to protect

To protect life itself


The things we could do,

If our Medusa eyes pointed only

At the Krakens of our past.


Everything always must never be taken for the old thing that was what you once thought. Each day must be new. GROW WITH EVERY BREATH

Expand yourself and the possibilities of all.   With every blink of your eye you become a phoenix, not the same as a moment ago.


If you’ve set your heart a little too keenly

on some wonderful something

watch out!


from God knows where

will snatch it from you

Oh my Love!

Do not cling to any little something



Only then when we realize EVERYTHING is free to grow move, become something other than what we thought it was, only then are WE FREE to truly experience things with no deception, with no veils.



Your own ego mind

Is the only thing

That stands

Between you and heaven.


Shed all thoughts of you.

Think only of what is within

Feel yourself



For in each breath does heavens gate unlock

Each breath taken by your mind heart and soul into the body which is surrounding you, with concentrated awareness

Is the map to the location of the power of your soul

Living in your flesh

This is the secret of the holy spirit

The holy breath which can

Through the removal of your ego

Allow your soul

To make itself known to your form made of clay.

In order that each of us little pebbles of earth

May be reminded (and in so doing make the leap to be set free from all forms)

Of the mountain

We shattered apart from

Mother mountain

Who will someday turn us to sand

And suck us back into the sea,

where we become Krakens

To meet ourselves again

-White Witch


As I was writing this, a friend on facebook posted the following quote:

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.

Do not let pain make you hate.

Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though

The rest of the world may disagree,

You still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

-Kurt Vonnegut






A White Witch’s Words on Israel & Palestine


Israelies and Palestinians, sadly, are not the first people presented with the problem of “how do I not kill someone who is trying to kill me?”

This is a very important question. Can you answer it for yourself? Do you have a response for yourself, if you can even conceive of this as possible? For if you can not, do not worry, it is a common dilemma, and one that most of us are not prepared to confront.

Others have to confront it on a near daily basis.

This could be the one most important question human beings have ever been confronted with.

The effective strategy of conflict resolution  remains one of the most elusive evolutions humanity has yet to bridge.

We just can not  figure out how not to kill each other. We seem pretty smart, this should be easy. We also, can’t figure out how not to kill animals,

Or plants, or trees, or well, a number of things that we just have to destroy, in order to “survive”.

So lets all admit,

This is certainly NOT an issue that is Israeli, or Palestinian, but rather, a question we as human beings are in constant play with, perhaps uneccessarily so. Do we HAVE to go out of our houses everyday with a possible threat of nuclear war at any given moment?? That is pretty gnarly. And yet, we all seem to be accepting it and realize, we could get stabbed, raped or worse on our ways to work everyday.

No one is safe, killing happens. Period.

Now if we can, for one moment examine some things that Human beings have managed to make outmoded, we find that there have been some accomplishments here, though sadly, nearly none of those on a widespread level have to do with giving up something desirable ( we just HAVE to get what we want and we want it NOW!).

Most of us, in reality, can’t even forgive people who are dicks to us, much less some serious life threatening offense.

What if we, collectively as human beings can all agree to stop killing each other?

The problem is, that would mean every single individual on the face of the earth would have to get an answer to the above question. Everyone.

We have been hot since Cain and Abel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change now.

Now, we can philosophically answer this question and be all high and mighty and say OF COURSE I can not kill people. But none of these answers are valid, because you could quickly change your mind if presented with the real scenario. We can only get good data on this question if you actually DO MANAGE to not kill someone who is trying to kill you. So the question more should be, “who has ever accomplished that tremendous feat?”

Do YOU think you could manage to NOT kill someone who had killed all your children?  And the Children of your grandparents?  Could you not kill them?  Could you not kill baby rapists and Adolf Hitler? If you can ask yourself this challenging question, and arrive at an answer you still don’t count because you aren’t being faced with doing it now.

We must look to the people who have done just this, and we must look hard. For there we shall find the answer to this very very important question, that already exists in the minds, hearts and actions of a few.

We may look to the courageous and strong souled people of Africa for assistance in the situation now enguilfing Israel and Palestine.

Certainly, Africa provides us with their everliving spirit in these matters as evidenced in the current actions of forgiveness underway in Rwanda.  These are VERY IMPORTANT because they prove that it IS possible, and they ARE doing it.  Please, take a moment and appreciate the severity of beauty in these actions.

Sometimes, a resolution to any matter is not through use of force on either side ever.  Those solutions and resolutions exist and are real.

Those who once were laid in chains before our eyes and suffered at our nations hands, now walk among us striving and struggling for peace in their lives as much as any other human being.

The African American population in the United States are living proof that human beings can live among our own murderers.  And Goddamn if that ain’t some shit.

Through forgiveness alone, a breathtaking superpower, are the Black people able to not slay murder and rape every last white person on the planet for our ancestors actions.  One might argue, that it is not through forgiveness, but economic entrapment, that the Black people do not rise up and assassinate every last one of us, but in fact, each individual in this racial category surely learns at some point in ther life, what has happened, and each individual makes the conscious choice to continue engaging with the rest of americans every day.  So to me, that is evidence enough of the strength humanity is capable of.

If Martin Luther King Jr can have the balls to be kind and forgive us all, then what the heck is stopping everyone else from doing it?

For that matter we may begin to increase our scope  and examine HOW MANY peoples and nations  have suffered innumerable suffering for generations at the hands of tyrannical INSANE dominators and we find,

This is unfortunately so prevelant it is the norm rather than the exception.

This is not to ever discount or discard the suffering of ANY ONE OF THEM, but rather to acknowledge it as a sad fact of the current level of Humanity.

The fact that Native Americans will even HOLD CONVERSATIONS with us MUST be recognized as a sheer force of love that refuses to die within the human spirit. If you can imagine the strength it would take to look in the eye and talk to an individual whose ancestors murdered all your children, you are only a sliver of a slice to close to the reality of such an event.

Jewish people all over Europe LIVE with the descendants of the NAZIS.  I want to copy and paste that sentence like three times!

The Extraordinary powers of forgiveness that lay withing the hearts of these NOBLE and ROYAL people, who are able to forgive atrolcities and not live in rage and anger is the purest form of gold.

As all former slaves now forgive and adjust, through love all over the world, we can do them the deserved honor of recognizing the value of these daily actions.

Actions made only in the interest of humanity,

We can all learn from them and their ways,

We could avoid any condemnation of any of the children of our one mother, the mother whose name is EARTH, and we can make the garden of Eden for all of us for all time.

Let us pray that we all might have such strength

To stand in the face of our oppressors, murderers and enemies and not strike them down,

But rather, take them in sincere embrace.

Let us be lords of our failures,

And not permit them

To deny our humanity

Any longer

-White Witch







Take a few moments to FEEL your heart beating within your chest.  Can you feel it at its origin? within the flesh itself?

BEGIN at your wrist, feel your pulse, the outward expression of an entirely internal process which is hidden from your consciousness and yet occurs within your own body every minute of every day. CAN YOU FEEL YOURSELF LIVING?

Can you become aware of what occurs within your own flesh?


Start with your pulse, travel up through your rivers of blood. go into your blood.  Feel it pull, feel it push.



Feel how it pulls you.

Go up into your arm,

go up into your neck.

Slowly, oh so slowly,

SPEAK YOUR NAME, feel how your blood pushes your throat to open at your command.

Take a deep breath, follow your blood into your chest, feel it swell into your lungs go into your lungs, feel them surround your heart in the center,

feel the blood enter your heart feel it leave your heart,

feel the pulse from where it begins.

SEE the blue flash that creates all movement from whence your tiniest movements arise from this single, repeating pulse that never ends while you are in this form.

Come into a deep embrace with your own animal.




BE within your heart and surrender to its force, feel it in every part of your insides.

Feel your insides.

TRY and make your pulse slow down.

TRY and make your pulse increase.

Stop breathing,

for just, one moment my love,

one moment,

die a little bit.

do not breathe, do you feel it fighting?



Can you hear your heart, do you have the courage to speak its name? Can you link it to your mind?

Can you love it for what it does for you?



If you can, do it now.