The Walls have Eyes

She was a return client,

We had read many times before.  She started to figure out that she could talk to I Ching, like she was having a conversation.

So when she phrased her questions now she did it speaking directly to the I Ching, not to me.

She said, I Ching, I have this new book I got, it has a bunch of techniques in it to improve my spirituality, how about if I do them?

I Ching’s response:

Hexagram 30.

At first glance this looked very positive, Hexagram 30 is “enlightenment” or awareness, consciousness, clarity, all the things you would ideally want to get from a spiritual technique.  Looked good that the book had some good stuff in it for her, but then I remembered something else;

That hexagram, the image is a bird on fire or a bird of light captured, I always affiliate it with a phoenix



I told her about the image and the phoenix and her face went blank and then she started freaking out,

Maj!! She said! Oh my God!!!

Inside of her book, she withdrew a bookmark that had been shoved in haphazardly.  On the bookmark was a huge phoenix.  Bright and firey as the sun.

It felt very much as if she asked about her book, a physical object in the room with her, and I Ching was all, oh yea, that book right there?  the one with the phoenix in it?  As if it had eyeballs that it could see with.

Suddenly we both got a feeling in our bellies and it was like I Ching was there with us,  a sentient being all its own watching us.

We both started to laugh in wonder, and decided it was in fact, a good book for her.




The Hungry Ghost

I picked up the phone.

She said she didn’t know what to do or who to talk to.

Calm down I said, just explain what happened.  Her Grandmother had died she said.  But she wasn’t gone.  Since she died, her four year old daughter has begun talking like her.  She believes she is now possessed by the spirit of her great grandmother.  She had been to three separate Reiki therapists, none of them knew each other, they all said the same thing.  There was a spirit that had grabbed onto her heart.

Her four year old had taken to talking to herself, in an unfamiliar voice, repeating the number “98” (the age of the Grandmother when she passed.) and shouting that she wanted to leave.  She kept asking if she was ok.

Did she have a proper funeral? I asked.  Yes, yes everything normal.  Try giving her an offering, I said, at her grave.  Have you been to her grave?  No they hadn’t.  In ancient China they had a tradition, to keep ancestors from becoming hungry ghosts, they would cook them a meal and bring them offerings, that might work.

Ok, ok I said, lets see if I Ching can help us figure out what to do.

First question:

Is the spirit of the dead great grandmother possessing the child?

The response:

Hexagram 57.2—>53


The image for Hexagram 57 is of two hands placing a meat offering on the alter for the dead ancestors. WOW!  Its exactly what I just said!

The line read (from “Total I Ching” by Dr. Stephen Karcher):

“Subtle penetration is also a healing ritual.  You must penetrate to the core of this old story, full of sexual intrigue and dark ancestors.  Use intermediaries, who can see and call the spirits, and diviners, who know the past.  Get to the bottom of it and free yourself from its grasp.  This is not a mistake.”

I said, I think you should take some food to her grave, make her a dinner or something.

Can we ask it what I should do?  She said.

Of course!

Second question:

What should I do regarding my dead Grandmother haunting my daughter?


Hexagram 27.4—>21

Hexagram 27 is literally “NOURISHING”, daily bread, things that go in and out of our mouths.  Hexagram 21 is biting through.

Both hexagrams are specifically the mouth and things going into it.  This was the line:

“The source of nourishment is disturbed.  This action will shake things up and free you.  Search out the new with the ferocity and passion of a tiger.  Be full of force and concentration.  This energy is not a mistake, it brings light and clarity to the situation.  Bite through obstacles.

How did she die? I asked her.

She starved to death, she was a diabetic, she replied.

Ooooohhhh, she wants to eat, I said!  Yes, yes, go with your daughter and take her some food to the grave and eat a meal with her.  Make her favorite thing.

Last question:

Will taking her food at her grave solve the problem?


Hexagram 29

Ghost river, or Earth pit (grave).

Again, from Karcher;

“its symbols are rushing water, holes, pits, snares, tombs and graves…the deep center where the dead live…It represents a critical moment that requires courage and determination in the face of great fear engendered by the presence of the ghost world.”

Good luck I told her,

I hope it worked.