The Floods & the Dog Star


The Flooding at this time of the year is Ancient and is described by the ancient Egyptians

From the Eclipse post I did at the start of the Dog Days

In the Dog days of Summer comes the Flooding of the River

Full of Crocodiles

When the Evil rises and the plagues spread

The swarms of Locusts come

Like Manticores to devour

The Hearts of Mankind

This is the influence of Sirius the Dog Star”


In the Dog days come the floods:


In the Sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon and the tides,  the Dog Star sits and rises at this time of year causing the Rivers to swell.

Follow the path of the Ancients

come into history, perspective, Natural cycles.

Feel the Earth as she moves and has moved and will move through time long after we are gone,

shall the floods continue in this cycle forever?

Has it always been so?

Shall it be again?