A Mom Rant by The White Witch on Liberty

The real martyr,
In true neutrality
Is willing
To take preference for blame
In a sea of people
Whose preference is exclusively for praise
In order that
Balance is restored
Towards the eventual eradication
Of preference altogether
Because it’s all a murderous war
This preference business
Just ask Cain and Abel
Who is better?
Who is right?
Are you a star bellied Sneetch?
This has been around a while
Mind your own business and work on what needs to be done
Rather than righteously spewing blame on any human or group of humans or anything at all.
That includes not blaming the Bigots, Haters, and Murderers
Trust me that’s hard for me too.
But without not blaming assholes
There is NO LIBERTY.
So knock it off.
LIBERTY requires that all are FREE
Even the “wicked”
Be angry, but don’t be righteous
acknowledge don’t demonize
Hold people accountable not in contempt
Hatred is not a necessity for justice
Correction can exist without damnation
Leaving vengeance behind does not threaten vindication.
It’s nobody’s fault.
There is no enemy.
We are all equally dumb dumbs
Shut up.
We don’t need to live out lord of the flies every generation
Over and over
Grow up
If we are going to have a society at all
Stop blaming anyone
For anything
Just figure out what to do about it
And quit being a pussy
it is a figment of your imagination
-White Witch



WHAT WILL BECOME OF THE HUMAN RACE?? Amazing Tarot response.


Eight of Swords (R) – Begin your freedom – take off the blindfold and allow yourself to see clearly how you have created the situation you are experiencing – liberate yourself from this oppressive situation. Spontaneously utilize your creativity/ imagination and your logic/reason – combine these elements of your mind. See things clearly and turn this situation around – use your powers to transform your situation. Recognize where in your life you have power and rebuild your self-confidence. You have a tremendous potential for focusing on innovative ideas and releasing the necessary burst of energy. Stop backing yourself into a corner and deliberately trying to get yourself into “seemingly” impossible situations in order to “force” a really creative solution. Choose to use your intuition and ingenuity to liberate yourself – be receptive when the pressure is being released and KNOW that you will soon be free to forge ahead. Believe and trust that there will be relaxation from all your tension and fears as the pressures ease off and the whole situation just seems to turn around. Prepare your mind now to enjoy more freedom of thought and activity.

There may be an attempt to force this new level of revelation and awareness of emotional instincts and their accompanying spiritual realities into existing mental molds, into the world of the lower ego. If so, philosophical dead ends and frustration may result. The lower ego may rebel, not wanting to accept its inevitable conversion. The onset of doubts about your ability to accept more responsibility. Are you working in the right arena, on the right projects?

Questions to Answer: What actions, plans or ideas are being blocked by circumstances beyond your control? What would you like to do if you could get rid of the obstacles and blocks? Who or what could assist you to break free? What benefits do you receive by not acting? What is interfering with your creative expressions? Or your ability to communicate?


Having Hydras in our Hearts



The more you kill your enemy

the more they shall appear before you.

A river of antagonists

a constant stream against your righteous dreams.


Compulsion is possession!

Hatred is a Hydra!


It feeds upon itself

Never growing tired or old

Housed in every heart

That allows it entry beneath its skin.


Hatred is a many hearted Hydra

We give it shelter

As it eats us from the outside in


There is a weakness in this beast,

it lays within the heart of hearts


each heart that love has won

becomes a soldier on the side

of life itself and those that live it

against those who die with every breath

making marshes of miasma


Love hatred out of existence

within your fleshy house

or be eaten by its jaws

like everybody else.

-White Witch

On January 20, 1948–10 days, in fact, before he was assassinated–a handmade bomb was hurled at Gandhi as he attended a gathering. This act of terrorism was carried out by a Hindu youth. Fortunately, the bomb missed the mark and Gandhi survived.

The youth was arrested. The next day, several adherents of the Sikh faith called on Gandhi and assured him that the culprit was not a Sikh. Gandhi rebuked them, saying that it mattered nothing at all to him whether the assailant was a Sikh, a Hindu or a Muslim. Whoever the perpetrator might be, he said, he wished him well.

Gandhi explained that the youth had been taught to think of him as an enemy of the Hindu cause, that hatred had been implanted in his heart. The youth believed what he was taught and was so desperate, so devoid of all hope, that violence seemed the only alternative. Gandhi felt only pity for the young man. He even told the outraged chief of police to not harass his assailant but make an effort to convert him to right thoughts and actions.

This was always his approach. No one abhorred violence more than Gandhi. At the same time no one knew more deeply that violence can only be countered by nonviolence. Just as fire is extinguished by water, hatred can only be defeated by love and compassion. Some criticized Gandhi for coddling the terrorist. Others scorned his conviction, calling it sentimental and unrealistic, an empty vision.

Gandhi was alone.







The Secret of Medusa, and the True Meaning of Pegasus



As you form a thought of a thing within your mind,


When you SEE that thing with your eyes, it goes through the FILTER of your mind,


Thus, if you have a pre existing notion of a thing it literally, locationally must pass through that thought when it comes into your physical vision.


For example if you feel great love for someone, or obsessive infatuation, you will see only what is beautiful and not their shadows. (and when a shadow of theirs is revealed, your heart shall break in betrayal, a silly thing really since the shadow is there all along).

If you see someone as evil or demonic, you will see only their faults and never their positive characteristics, you mind makes them incapable of performing any act of love, simply because they once performed an act of hate. Not very accurate, for any one can make any choice at any time. Just because people DON’T choose consciously doesn’t mean they CANT (obviously with some exception due to impairments). This is very crucial to understanding human potential.

We shall never grow if we hold to some “belief that no one will ever change, and we project that “belief” on everyone including ourselves.

Turning ourselves and everyone else into stone.

This is the secret of Medusa.


Our own hatred of humanity is what turns us back to the earth from which we came and prevents us from soaring above it.

Medusa is the hatred and punishment and fear that lives in the hearts of us all. Medusa was once a beautiful maiden who was the envy of all with long flowing hair. She was raped by Poisidon in Athena’s temple and was then punished and turned into the snake monster that is the Gorgon. Because Medusa can not let go of her butt hurt towards men for her unfair treatment, she becomes venomous and poisonous.  She believes only that all men are evil. And so they become frozen, no longer able to grow as soon as she gazes upon them. Because the thought of hatred for them has formed so strongly in her mind, she can actually project it upon them through her eyeballs. Perseus only escapes this fate because he is able to not “take in” her idea of him, and maintains his own identity (free from guilt or blame) by reflecting her back upon herself. Thus refusing HER thought (which is like an infectious virus) and keeping his own view of himself and the world.


To see things in reality as they truly are requires an evaporation of no less than every single thought you had ever,

The continuous new experience of the Shiva fountainhead

The perpetual renewing of the mind.


This is the secret of Pegasus. Pegasus means “spring” or fountain, or “to emerge”. Pegasus is born from the blood of Medusa after Perseus cuts off her head. The fountain of blood pouring from Medusa’s head brings forth the beautiful pure and free form of Pegasus. Medusa is not killed, but rather, transformed into her pure spirit, which is now free from all the thoughts (thus the symbolism of the decapitation, the quieting of the mind parasite) of hatred and evil men.  She no longer dwells on her suffering and unjust punishment. She is set free.

The true burden of all victims is to keep Love through all their tragedy unjustly inflicted upon them by others, perhaps the most difficult task in all the world.

Free from the punishment she is inflicting on herself as a result of the inability to accept and forgive the pain of her past.

It is PEGASUS that Perseus rides to meet the Kraken, and KILL it with the very head of Medusa.   Medusa’s poison is now turned into a CURE, and shall save the day.  In other words, this ONCE EVIL THING now provides SALVATION

The cure slays the beast that now threatens the to kill the innocent virgin Andromeda.

In order to keep purity in the world then,

Through the understanding of Medusa’s story,


One must not cling to unjustices and victimization, heart break, trauma, horrifying rapes, murders or slavery.  Although it is understandable to do so, and there is no judgement for such states, as PAIN of course is so difficult.

One must not cling to things. One must transform as a result of them. One must not allow one’s self to be poisoned by the terrible actions of others upon our forms,

One must take all the bitterness from these actions and use it as medicine to fight fear itself.

The power we have to destroy each other is doled out wantonly on each other, as irresponsible children strangling each other with jump ropes.

If that ability was used only to protect

To protect life itself


The things we could do,

If our Medusa eyes pointed only

At the Krakens of our past.


Everything always must never be taken for the old thing that was what you once thought. Each day must be new. GROW WITH EVERY BREATH

Expand yourself and the possibilities of all.   With every blink of your eye you become a phoenix, not the same as a moment ago.


If you’ve set your heart a little too keenly

on some wonderful something

watch out!


from God knows where

will snatch it from you

Oh my Love!

Do not cling to any little something



Only then when we realize EVERYTHING is free to grow move, become something other than what we thought it was, only then are WE FREE to truly experience things with no deception, with no veils.



Your own ego mind

Is the only thing

That stands

Between you and heaven.


Shed all thoughts of you.

Think only of what is within

Feel yourself



For in each breath does heavens gate unlock

Each breath taken by your mind heart and soul into the body which is surrounding you, with concentrated awareness

Is the map to the location of the power of your soul

Living in your flesh

This is the secret of the holy spirit

The holy breath which can

Through the removal of your ego

Allow your soul

To make itself known to your form made of clay.

In order that each of us little pebbles of earth

May be reminded (and in so doing make the leap to be set free from all forms)

Of the mountain

We shattered apart from

Mother mountain

Who will someday turn us to sand

And suck us back into the sea,

where we become Krakens

To meet ourselves again

-White Witch


As I was writing this, a friend on facebook posted the following quote:

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.

Do not let pain make you hate.

Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though

The rest of the world may disagree,

You still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

-Kurt Vonnegut






The Love Curse Blessing




I set a CURSE upon my enemies and those who defy me!!

With these words I send to those who have wished me harm

A CURSE to live their lives

fulfilled, abundant and overflowing with joy!!

I set a swarm of healing honey bees to rest upon their doorstep,

humming soothing songs to rid all pain and suffering!!

I shall pluck the blood from the strings of my veins

and use its nectar to concoct the most poisonous cure

that shall cause the blood that flows inside them

to be rid of all disease, age and woe!!

I call upon the merciless deserts to torture them

with the warm glow of happiness

that ice never may grow in their glare

I eat the lips that speak my demon’s name

with kisses deep and pure

gently sucking all the venom from their tongues

I send to them that hate me with a hatred in their heart of hearts,

a ceaseless, fountainous LOVE in all its forms

and eternal rest in the cool darkness that is peace.

I am sending and will send forever,

To them, to me and to all,

the sweet relief of knowledge of all good and evil,

The power and the fire to set our souls to RISE

That on this ascended platform

we may laugh and make merry

for all time that is and all times that be

till time itself is me

– White Witch







Take a few moments to FEEL your heart beating within your chest.  Can you feel it at its origin? within the flesh itself?

BEGIN at your wrist, feel your pulse, the outward expression of an entirely internal process which is hidden from your consciousness and yet occurs within your own body every minute of every day. CAN YOU FEEL YOURSELF LIVING?

Can you become aware of what occurs within your own flesh?


Start with your pulse, travel up through your rivers of blood. go into your blood.  Feel it pull, feel it push.



Feel how it pulls you.

Go up into your arm,

go up into your neck.

Slowly, oh so slowly,

SPEAK YOUR NAME, feel how your blood pushes your throat to open at your command.

Take a deep breath, follow your blood into your chest, feel it swell into your lungs go into your lungs, feel them surround your heart in the center,

feel the blood enter your heart feel it leave your heart,

feel the pulse from where it begins.

SEE the blue flash that creates all movement from whence your tiniest movements arise from this single, repeating pulse that never ends while you are in this form.

Come into a deep embrace with your own animal.




BE within your heart and surrender to its force, feel it in every part of your insides.

Feel your insides.

TRY and make your pulse slow down.

TRY and make your pulse increase.

Stop breathing,

for just, one moment my love,

one moment,

die a little bit.

do not breathe, do you feel it fighting?



Can you hear your heart, do you have the courage to speak its name? Can you link it to your mind?

Can you love it for what it does for you?



If you can, do it now.


True Tree Mystery

I am going to relate this exactly as it occured, without explaination or apology.

I was going for a walk,

as I often do,

And was parambulating down a lovely tree lined street on a summery Los Angeles February day,

and my thoughts and eyes were drifting too and fro, winding along with my feet,

when suddenly,

a particular tree caught my eye.  As soon as I saw it, “Beautiful” was the thought that came into my mind.  As I looked at it, it was as if I fell into a deep love with this tree as my gaze descended upon its limbs.  It was an intense tree.  The bark was smooth and silvery, riddled with knot holes that looked like eyes.


It had no leaves, each of its bony fingers naked in the sun.

I felt absolutely compelled to go up to this tree, and to touch it.

It was as if there was no way I was not going to touch this tree, hahaha.

So, of course, I walked up and touched the tree.

I closed my eyes and placed my hand upon it and just kind of spaced out feeling the tree,

when it happened.

I heard it talk to me.


it said, very clearly, very plainly, very…DISTINGUISHABLY.

My eyes shot open and I looked at the tree.  When I actually LOOKED at the tree, right in front of my face, like directly in front of my face, exactly lined up with my eyes,

was a deep knot in the tree, and it was FILLED with trash.

All kinds of garbage had been shoved deep into it, by some stroller eating horrible poisonous food and then depositing their disgusting waste into a living being.

If you can imagine, it would be as if you were standing on a street corner and someone came by and shoved their Mcdonald’s garbage into your mouth.

Your mouth if you are lucky.

I INSTANTLY knew what the tree needed, and that indeed, its call for help was no hallucination, but very real.  I set about clearing the garbage out of the tree.

It was filthy, and as I pulled out that last wrapper shoved deep within it a cacophony of insects emerged in a spiraling swirl of haste.

I could feel the tree heave a sigh of relief as the insects scattered out of the wound,

and I was filled with a feeling that can best be described as being very much like “Sen” in “Spirited Away” when she uncorked the river dragon’s spirit in the bathtub.

I looked at the tree, brushed it off, and gave it a high five and went along my way.

Why would I have looked at THIS tree, so specifically?  There was a whole lined street FULL of trees, and only ONE that was full of garbage, and only ONE that I looked at.  Statistically, the odds of my arriving in that space to provide that service for the tree at that moment are impressive.

I felt, very certainly, that the tree had pulled my eyes upon it, and drew me over to it in order that I may help remove the thorn from its paw.

Arbol del bien y del mal