The Oarfish Omen

I received a text from my friend.

An Oarfish had washed ashore nearby.


It was like a sea serpent.  An amazing beast usually found only in the deep sea.  They don’t come on shore very often and are hard to miss because they can grow to like 55 feet long and are bright silver with red manes.

I was familiar with Oarfish, the first time I had read about them had been several years ago while looking at pictures of sea monsters, as I am oft want to do.


The next day, I signed up for a prayer group held by the Aetherius Society to send prayers to the Nuclear crisis in Fukushima.

The following day I was reading a lot about Fukushima, trying to prepare myself to focus my concentration for the Aetherius event.

I came across a strange synchronistic article that talked about Oarfish.  Apparently, there is an legend in Japan that when an Oarfish washes ashore, it is an omen that a large earthquake will be coming.

Quite a few oarfish washed ashore before the Fukushima quake.

I thought about the text my friend had sent me, and sent him a message about the possibility of an earthquake,

We would both keep our eyes out.

I went about the rest of my day at work, giving readings and what not, and came home and told my boyfriend about it, wondering if I was crazy to think there could be an earthquake in California based on this information.

Upon completion of what must have seemed a psychotic rant, I checked my messages to find, my friend sent me a photo of ANOTHER oarfish that washed ashore.  They had found it right after I had the conversation with my friend about the omen.

So then I did some investigation,

It turned out an Oarfish washed up on Malibu shores in November of 2010.  so there should have been an earthquake right?  Well, that same day there was a quake, the same day the Oarfish was found (although who knows how long it had been on the beach).

So then I get a message from my friend that there was just an earthquake off the coast of mexico.  In Baja.


So then I turned to good old I Ching.

I asked;

Is Los angeles going to have an earthquake, due to the Oarfish showing up?

It answered with Hexagram 5, no changing lines.

Now, before I get into the meaning of this hexagram, it is important to note something.  Hexagram 5 was the hexagram when I asked a couple of years before about Fukushima.  I asked “Is LA in danger of radiation from Fukushima?”  The line of hexagram 5 said, word for word, the danger is coming, the danger is in the water.


So this particular hexagram was already affiliated with Fukushima for me, and here it chose to answer with that hexagram, tying it back to the place which prompted my research in the first place.

Hexagram 5 has a couple of interpretations.  One, if you see clouds, rain is coming. Kind of like, if there is smoke there is fire type of thing.  It has to do with watching the omens.  And more specifically, being prepared as a result of seeing an omen (from Wilhelm);

One is faced with a danger that has to be overcome. Weakness and impatience can do nothing. Only a strong man can stand up to his fate, for his inner security enables him to endure to the end… This recognition must be followed by resolute and persevering action. For only the man who goes to meet his fate resolutely is equipped to deal with it adequately. Then he will be able to cross the great water – that is to say, he will be capable of making the necessary decision and of surmounting the danger.

When clouds rise in the sky, it is a sign that it will rain. There is nothing to do but to wait until the rain falls. it is the same in life when destiny is at work. We should not worry and seek to shape the future by interfering in things before the time is ripe. We should quietly fortify the body with food and drink and the mind with gladness and good cheer. Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready.

So, its kind of like, get ready, here it comes.

Now, this led me to think about the Oarfish in this particular situation, since there was so much Fukushima running around in my head with the whole experience.

I thought, maybe there won’t be a huge earthquake. Maybe these Oarfish are JAPANESE.  That is where the legend is from after all.  Maybe they are trying to tell us something about JAPAN.  Much in the same way the radiation leaks from the result of the earthquake in Japan shall wash upon our shores, so have these fish.  Maybe Fukushima is about to finally go kablouee.  Of course, I hope that is not the case, but when I checked the most recent articles, it was pretty darn grim.

I believe Omens in Nature.  the hard part is figuring out what they mean.

Before freaking out into some apocalyptic anxiety attack, I think its important to pay close attention to the I ching’s advice:

“We should quietly fortify the body with food and drink and the mind with gladness and good cheer. Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready.”

Although this reads a bit like, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die,  I think it actually is trying to say, do what you can to be ready, namely with food and water.  Mostly though, do what you can.  You can’t control earthquakes or nuclear radiation.  But you can do your best to be informed and have emergency supplies.  You can also think about helping other people if something terrible happens.  Or even (gasp) helping Japan figure out what to do.  And also, don’t freak out.  Be awesome.  And happy.  Be cool, and weather the storm.

Surprisingly, I have heard some people comment that they are mad at Japan for exposing us to radiation.

Wow.  People who one generation ago dropped giant atomic weapons on the same country, accusing it of putting us in danger.  Don’t be angry with Japan.

Lets look those Oarfish in the eye, and apologize for our terrible behavior as human beings.  That these beautiful ancient creatures have died, in a very princess mononoke-esque fashion to try to get our thick headed attention is evidence that the Ocean and the Earth on alive and stuff is going on outside of your screen.
Japan, just recently came forward asking for help with this situation.  What if we fill our minds with solutions instead of wringing our hands with sour faces, or resigning ourselves to the inevitable Mad Max future that awaits LA in the event of an emergency.
Will California get hit by a giant earthquake?  Will the radiation reach us?  Maybe.  Maybe if we did our best to prepare against these things, we can still be nice people even when terrible things are going down.