True Tree Mystery

I am going to relate this exactly as it occured, without explaination or apology.

I was going for a walk,

as I often do,

And was parambulating down a lovely tree lined street on a summery Los Angeles February day,

and my thoughts and eyes were drifting too and fro, winding along with my feet,

when suddenly,

a particular tree caught my eye.  As soon as I saw it, “Beautiful” was the thought that came into my mind.  As I looked at it, it was as if I fell into a deep love with this tree as my gaze descended upon its limbs.  It was an intense tree.  The bark was smooth and silvery, riddled with knot holes that looked like eyes.


It had no leaves, each of its bony fingers naked in the sun.

I felt absolutely compelled to go up to this tree, and to touch it.

It was as if there was no way I was not going to touch this tree, hahaha.

So, of course, I walked up and touched the tree.

I closed my eyes and placed my hand upon it and just kind of spaced out feeling the tree,

when it happened.

I heard it talk to me.


it said, very clearly, very plainly, very…DISTINGUISHABLY.

My eyes shot open and I looked at the tree.  When I actually LOOKED at the tree, right in front of my face, like directly in front of my face, exactly lined up with my eyes,

was a deep knot in the tree, and it was FILLED with trash.

All kinds of garbage had been shoved deep into it, by some stroller eating horrible poisonous food and then depositing their disgusting waste into a living being.

If you can imagine, it would be as if you were standing on a street corner and someone came by and shoved their Mcdonald’s garbage into your mouth.

Your mouth if you are lucky.

I INSTANTLY knew what the tree needed, and that indeed, its call for help was no hallucination, but very real.  I set about clearing the garbage out of the tree.

It was filthy, and as I pulled out that last wrapper shoved deep within it a cacophony of insects emerged in a spiraling swirl of haste.

I could feel the tree heave a sigh of relief as the insects scattered out of the wound,

and I was filled with a feeling that can best be described as being very much like “Sen” in “Spirited Away” when she uncorked the river dragon’s spirit in the bathtub.

I looked at the tree, brushed it off, and gave it a high five and went along my way.

Why would I have looked at THIS tree, so specifically?  There was a whole lined street FULL of trees, and only ONE that was full of garbage, and only ONE that I looked at.  Statistically, the odds of my arriving in that space to provide that service for the tree at that moment are impressive.

I felt, very certainly, that the tree had pulled my eyes upon it, and drew me over to it in order that I may help remove the thorn from its paw.

Arbol del bien y del mal


The Seance

It was Halloween night.

I had just arrived and was making final preparations in the old Santeria shop for the Seance.

We were full to capacity.

I was performing the Seance with a medium who is super talented named Aedan.


No one was really sure what to expect.

I had been to Aedan before, and knew her qualifications, and I had seen dead folks before, so I was not worried, but I had never done it with this many people.

I had been fasting for 2 days, for my ritual the following eve, so I was nicely disembodied.

As the door opened and all the people poured in, it looked like when you see heat waves rising from the desert.  Vapours.  The sadness was the first to hit me.  It felt like moaning.

Then all kinds of whispering sounds, even though no one was talking.

We started out with a ritual for ancestors and a couple of techniques for how to contact the dead and speak with your DNA.

Then Aedan just started to talk.

So many people wanting to talk.  Couldn’t keep them all straight.  Faces around the circle with quiet desperation and hope.

First Aedan tuned into a napkin holder someone had brought.  As she started talking about the napkin holder, I could see him.  the man who had owned it.

I saw him fighting, arguing with his wife.

A dark haired man with a thin mustache, looks like John Waters I said.  Exactly what he looked like said the client.

Aedan saw roses all over.  They had indeed had a rose garden.  They were talking to Aedan.

Aedan hopped back and forth shouting out names, asking if any one knew them.  They were all saying their names to her, she was trying to keep up.  Going from person to person.

As soon as someone would identify them as their own kin, she would start saying the messages.

I kept getting distracted, another co-worker was at the event.  She had a spirit with her that was NOT a person, haha.  I kept getting flashes of it in my periphery.  It was huge and hairy.  She worked with fairies.  It was trying to tell me it was a person.

It looked like this:


I kept trying not to look at it.

I started to feel an intense pain in the side of my head.  My left side.  It was brutal, I had to turn around.  I felt something there, physically.

Just then, Aedan said there was someone with a head trauma, and pointed to my left.  Both of the people sitting to my left had lost loved ones to gunshot to the head.  Aedan was talking to them.  I saw two gangsters with shaved heads and tattoos.  I asked one of them if it was gang related, it was she replied.

Aedan was seeing some pets, cats and dogs. Aedan saw more grandmothers.

A saw a man with the person next to me.  he was an older man, hunched over, big nose.  He was trying to talk to everyone but no one would listen.  He had worked two doors down the person said.  His spirit was laughing, he was happy to be a the seance he said.

We got someone’s grandma, she was a flapper Aedan said.  I felt her right away.  She was beautiful and rebellious.  She was kind of naughty, ha.  We talked with her for a bit.  She was sad she wasn’t being spoken of.

We were running out of time, couldn’t get them all…. too many.  Aedan asked if anyone had really needed to contact someone that hadn’t gotten to yet.  An older woman raised her hand.  Aedan started talking to her and I saw a face.  It was of a sort of chubby man with a grey beard and rosy cheeks.  he looked so nice.  And then someone started shouting in my ear “Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!”.

I thought maybe it was the clients father, since Aedan was talking to her parents, they were both there.  Aedan was conveying some things, but the woman kept saying she prayed he mother would give her a message she had been asking for, praying for all week, to have said at the seance.  Aedan said that was all and was going to move on to the next person and finally I said,

“something about Kevin, was your dad’s name Kevin?  No, not your dad, does anyone know a Kevin?”

And the woman’s face practically fell to the floor and she said “That’s it!! That’s the message I was waiting for!!”

But I couldn’t enjoy the moment with her, I kept getting tugged at by the left side of the room, something so sad over there, I didn’t want to keep going.

Just then Aedan said she was getting tired, so we closed the circle.

Aedan led a meditation, and as we all sent love to all the dead, and focused on our hearts, I saw a golden heart appear in the center of the circle, and Sunset blvd suddenly became completely quiet.  Not a sound. A moment of silence, for those passed.

And then the spell was broken.

Afterwards I got an email from someone whose Grandma came through, she said at the end, at the heart meditation, her heart hurt.  very badly, an intense pain.  She had found out later her Grandmother had passed from a heart attack.



Worst Curse Mcgurst

The only thing worse than a curse,

is someone telling you that you have to give them huuuuge amounts of money to remove a curse you don’t even have.

This post was born of necessity due to the sheer volume I experience in this area.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many clients come to see me that complain that they have been told someone put a curse on them by a “psychic” that then charged them out the nose to eradicate it.

One obviously poor older woman came in and told me she had paid one woman $5000 so far (meaning she owed her more) to keep her family safe from curses.  She was shocked when I told her she didn’t need to do it anymore, and actually expressed FEAR for the woman who was saving her from the curse.  She said she had to keep going to her, or else SHE might put a curse on her.  What a mess.

I gave her the run down on IF she had a curse, (which was unlikely) some simple things SHE could do on her own to counter it, the total for her supplies was around $20.  She was utterly flabbergasted that she could protect herself and really believed she had no power in the situation whatsoever.

Worse than that, one male client came in, he was a hard working manual laborer and he was in three years deep and 18 grand with a woman who was supposedly staving off disaster for him.

I think it is important to state here, the “gypsy” con is alive and well, and people continue to fall for it.  AND they think that is all psychics do, swindle people!!  Con men are everywhere, just because you go to a mechanic that charges you hundreds of dollars and does nothing, it is the same dishonest behavior as these alleged psychics.

The hapless fellow mentioned above came in to see me to see if there really was a curse, like getting a second opinion from a doctor, you know?  Now this case was particularly interesting because of the response given by I Ching.  For him, he was concerned because the curse was a FAMILY curse, like Bruce Lee style, and he was mostly worried about his family, not himself.  He did legitimately have an unusual tale about the woes of the men in his family, so we asked I Ching:

Is there a curse on my family?

The response was Hexagram 18.  NO changing lines.

Now this was really tricky for me as a reader.  Hexagram 18 is on the surface CORRUPTION, meaning the whole situation is gross, corrupt, rotten, fishy etc. BUT it also means BLACK MAGIC.  Specifically black magic passed from parents to their children (in the Karcher translation);

GU: Poison, venom, harm, putrefaction, decay, to bewitch, to enchant. 

So I was like DANG!!! This dude actually might have a curse on his family!  It was either that, OR just a reference to the corruption of the woman he had been seeing, but it was certainly pointing to the possibility of a curse being correct.  I asked him a bunch more questions and we found out his Grandfather had a mistress who could have been a romanian witch, who was very mad that he wouldn’t leave his family.

More importantly, I asked him if he had seen any changes in his family luck since he had started paying this woman. Well, the answer was no.  So my whole deal was like, listen if someone is charging you that much money, you better see something happen!!  He too, was reluctant to stop seeing the woman out of fear that she would in turn retaliate against him.

I get so mad at these psychic bullies!!

So instead of continuing the reading I taught him how to denature the curse himself, and protect himself from any advances on the part of the “psychic” who had been “protecting” him.

Neither of these stories are meant to say that no one has curses on them, I feel like people curse each other ALL the time without even being aware of it, negative thoughts towards another are like spirit darts that can effect those who are susceptible,  All you have to do is have an encounter with an asshole to figure out how palpable that feels.

Now, people who do put curses on people are not demigods, or superheros (or villians) they are people, just like you.  So if a curse comes from a person, well, you are a person too. Now, it could be true that some people have more PRACTICE and have put a lot of time into cursing people.  Just like a well trained athlete or musician or anyone who has dedicated themselves to a craft.  But rules are rules, and magic has rules too. No one is above the law.  It is the same feeling ANYONE has when coming up against something that is bigger than themselves.  think about anyone who has had a case go to the supreme court, or had to fight the banking system.  Or is fighting a disease that seems unconquerable.


Would I doubt for a second that people really put curses on each other?  Of course not.  People do all manner of terrible things to each other, just to pass the time, why would Black Magic not exist when we make bombs?  Because of people’s conscience?  Clearly that is not the case.  The sad thing to me is that people are feeling down right low (sometimes to the point of suicide) as a result of these “curses” and go seeking help much like you would to go see a doctor, and then get taken advantage of for thousands of dollars (much like some doctors 0_o, or mechanics).  Since there aren’t really standards or regulations for witches the way people deal with it is, well, lets just burn *all* witches since some of them seem to be questionable.  This would be like burning all scientists because one of them made a bomb (or the AIDS virus, what?).

If you google “curse removal” you will find hundreds of sites that charge a lot of money and claim to be able to remove curses and break spells for people.  It is also true that there are very old tried and true methods of dealing with these things, that have of course been around as long as curses have.

My solution is to teach everyone magic, just like we teach everyone science, to remove the advantage of the power trippers.

I get hundreds of letters from people who claim to have a curse on them begging for help. Usually, when it comes down to it, it is involving a relationship going bad.  Statistically, more often than not, folks who claim to have curses had it happen in a love triangle of some sort.  Not always, but from my letters it is easily 80 percent.  Maybe I can find someone who won’t mind me sharing their letter.  I swear after the last one all I wanted to do was send ALL the other letters I had gotten to show her she was not alone and that this is surprisingly common (in my world at least).  The vast majority of folks I get claiming curses are Single mothers, interestingly enough.  I wonder if anyone has run any statistics on that.

My feeling about the whole thing is the curse victim feels a disempowerment, a hopelessness at the hands of another, a victimization that they feel they can do nothing about.  they are almost religious about their curses.

So I thought I would share with all of you, my prescription, if you think someone has placed some janky jank upon you, try doing some of these things:

1.  Never think of the person who cursed you again.  Ever.  Your thoughts of fear feed the curse.  So here is your first lesson in wizardry, control your mind.  If you HAVE to see the other person around, like you can’t get away from them, think of the word LOVE everytime you are around them and look at them in their eyes while thinking that word. or think of the word GOD.  It’s super awesome.

2. Give yourself a nice cleanse.  use salt water, sage, mugwort, frankencense and other time tested plants of clearing the miasma that has surrounded you.

3.  Imagine the curse as a thing in front of you, as a big black ball, and grab it in your hand and turn it into a sun.  Have fun and laugh while you do this.

4.  MAKE JOKES.  Laughter kills gnarly things pretty good.  Or at least you have fun while you are dying, also important.  Also make jokes about your curse giver, not shit talking, but really really funny jokes, there is a difference.

Some mistakes people make:

Dont try to give the curser a curse, now you are just getting all crazy and mad and weird.

Dont think about DEFEATING the curse in glorious victory, now you are giving it uber fantasy energy and making a phantom of it that you will just have to get rid of later.  Don’t try to “show them” how powerful you are, rather act in humilty.

BUT if you DO go to an amazing powerful beautiful witch, because you feel like you need some extra mojo, ask them questions about what is going on, get specific, ask them specifically what they are going to do and how much they will charge you.   If they wont tell you what they are doing, its like a doctor that wont tell you what kind of surgery he is going to give you, maybe time to go.  But there are SO MANY GREAT light workers who are 100 percent legit in my personal experience, ask around read yelp, do some research to find the right person.  You can go see a witch, go get Reiki, get a healing from someone who gives you the good belly tingles when you stand in front of them.  Use your spidey senses!  And most importantly, DONT take yourself and your own power out of the equation.

If you have managed to seriously get some old school freak on you about something, in that case, I would spend the money to hire a shaman,  I would not go to your local palm reader, any more than you would go to rite aid to get an appendectomy.   Search for a Native American (who might laugh at you and say you deserve it, which would be true if you are white) who has hopefully died before and has no fear of anything.   Its that, or get serious about your meditation practice and lift it yourself  (always good, and then YOU get magic <magic is born of discipline>).