Occult Dialogue Techniques and Re-engaging in Socratic Method & Ancient Wisdom to Evolve humanity

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Please watch and share this information in order to educate people on how to manage Humanity in difficult times according to Ancient Wisdom.

Thanks to Arden Leigh for her great show Peace Talks, and having me on to investigate these issues and big thanks to Dromebox for hosting.




A Mom Rant by The White Witch on Liberty

The real martyr,
In true neutrality
Is willing
To take preference for blame
In a sea of people
Whose preference is exclusively for praise
In order that
Balance is restored
Towards the eventual eradication
Of preference altogether
Because it’s all a murderous war
This preference business
Just ask Cain and Abel
Who is better?
Who is right?
Are you a star bellied Sneetch?
This has been around a while
Mind your own business and work on what needs to be done
Rather than righteously spewing blame on any human or group of humans or anything at all.
That includes not blaming the Bigots, Haters, and Murderers
Trust me that’s hard for me too.
But without not blaming assholes
There is NO LIBERTY.
So knock it off.
LIBERTY requires that all are FREE
Even the “wicked”
Be angry, but don’t be righteous
acknowledge don’t demonize
Hold people accountable not in contempt
Hatred is not a necessity for justice
Correction can exist without damnation
Leaving vengeance behind does not threaten vindication.
It’s nobody’s fault.
There is no enemy.
We are all equally dumb dumbs
Shut up.
We don’t need to live out lord of the flies every generation
Over and over
Grow up
If we are going to have a society at all
Stop blaming anyone
For anything
Just figure out what to do about it
And quit being a pussy
it is a figment of your imagination
-White Witch



The Compulsion

Imagine people as actors in a play,

only they don’t know they are playing a role.

They live compulsed to action

compulsed to breathe

by their characters

They can not see nor believe this,

because their character threatens to kill them


if they imagine

themselves to be

anything other than

what it thinks it is,

which is something that is small.

But they all must let it go

let go of their characters

in order to become

real life

and join the living

life needs room to grow

and small can not expand

Do not permit your character to imprison you in smallness

learn to loosen as you turn

into a whole new person

each and every day.

-White Witch




Killing all the evil men isn’t gonna work (or in the case of the Nazi’s giving them social security)

Plans for control of the evil forces that have been loosed in the world, attempts to compensate the evil- doing by good works or sympathy for the victims, efforts to safeguard the peace or to effect ideal solutions of all the material problems involved, can do little to change the nature of the situation. The real problem, namely, the question of what can be done for civilization in face of the nonhuman forces arising from the collective unconscious in thousands or rather millions of individual persons, will remain untouched. However, if only one human being has met and solved the problem in himself, he will be a living demonstration of a solution. Such an individual carries with him the germ of a renaissance of the spiritual values of mankind.
M.E. Harding — Psychic Energy




The Hydra can invade the COPS and would be good guys, brothers, sisters, it is creeping into the Earth herself

like in the matrix where anyone can be an agent, the hydra gets in all.

(seal your vessel)

WE can force and direct hatred at the cops for their heinous acts, we can force disbelief and indignation at IS groups, all the while building a justification for their eradication and punishment.  Have not nations, tribes, and clans done the same for thousands of years? REQUIRE and DEMAND Justice, defend yourself as necessary, but do not for a moment identify the individuals as the enemy and miss the snake crawling underfoot.  HOW CAN AN INDIVIDUAL BE REMOVED FROM THE REST OF HISTORY?  How many times do we do the same play? WE ARE A HEAVING MASS AS A JELLYFISH, being one with everything is acceptance of this jellyfish and not separating your self , in Justice laden offense, from fellow humans.  To not do so is the same as blaming your PANCREAS for giving you cancer!!!

So the hydra grows.

do you not think, the police officer had done the same, built massive justification as to WHY it was that he felt righteous in his action?  Do not do the same to him!!  It is a virus, The ouroboros spins on such a base.  Don’t take the bait.  There is no such thing as enemies.


Leave the Melodrama of archetypes tugging your strings and become yourself


-White Witch