The True Secret of the Spirit Animal



We adore so much

to research the meanings of

animals in our lives.


Can you for a moment


what it is

YOU represent to the animal seeing you?

what is the message,

to the fox you saw

when it sees you.

OR can you only think

what the fox means to you?

What is the symbol of you to yourself, and to the world?


Perhaps someone could write a book

on the significance of human sightings

through the eyes of all the beasts.

“When you see a daniel it portends blessings, but seeing a Sebastian means a bad day.”

Can we create correspondences into as well as away from ourselves?


How do you effect the sun as it marches through the sky on your birthday?

What psychological effect does the passage through scorpio have upon a star?


What shape do you take

to the cloud

who sees your form upon the earth.

Maybe you look like a fish,

or an elephant,

depending on the breeze.


When you can know

who you are

through the eyes of all creatures great and small,

all this wandering

comes to an end

and we become our true spirit animal

that is all possible forms

upon the earth

and all places

instead of yearning

to become the soul of a beast

in vain attempts

to capture its power

while eagerly discarding our own.


-White Witch