Your life is a Play. The Control Dramas of the Archetypes are Eating you alive

If you begin to raise your awareness up,

(out of your own ass)

either through conscious technique engagement

or through forced crisis,

You begin to become aware

of other people’s behavior

especially towards you.

In fact mostly towards you, no offense.

You will see what people do,

and become very confused by their actions,

you will think “why did they do that?”

and you will become very depressed, angry or sad or generally emotional as your mind searches for a rational explanation.

You will hate the person and judge the person and BLOCK them from your life.

You will label them “Negative” and “Toxic” or even a “Narcissist”

But what you won’t understand is

everyone is inhabited by Characters that are running the show.

You too, boo hoo.

The reason a person acts a certain way towards you has mostly to do

with their character (also Archetype, Orisha, and Daimon) and behavior habits they have formed.  Like a statue or Idol Hewn from Stone

These are called “Control Dramas”

and once you put your mind on them,

you realize truly that all the world’s a stage.

You can see these played out from individual experiences (you put the control drama on yourself, attacking who you are) to families, to nations to global tendencies.

These are the types of Control dramas in a nutshell:

These above originally come from the Celestine Prophecy book.

They are a shortened version of the Archetypes. Also known as Archons

These are all SECURITY seeking devices that try to get energy because they don’t feel safe. There is a lot of info on them, just google “control dramas

There are many reasons this can happen, they are primal and emotional, irrational and instinctive.  They simply exist in us due to our Beastial nature and life on the planet earth. It’s not good or bad. Like when a Lion eats something.  We are no better or worse than each other for any of it.

I go into this in detail in my upcoming book “A Witch’s Bestiary

The difficult part, especially for anyone who has ever fallen victim to something terrible, completely innocently and indeed, RIGHTEOUSLY, trying to Change the person, or inflict punishment on them,  who did what you felt was wrong is not the correct course of action to take. ACCOUNTABILITY and AMENDS EDUCATION and REPARATIONS are what is in order. That is a true kind of justice, that can take care of problems without feeding the action and manipulation gods that created it to being with. LOCKING us in a prison that is a circle of monkey see monkey do.  In a way, when you inflict wounds on those that wound you, you have caught their virus and are letting it kill you too.  Restorative, not aggressive or violent vengeful justice especially not inflicted through the Police.

Please understand, this does not mean do nothing, and let everyone go, that is not what this is advocating.  and if someone tries to physically hurt you, please stop them. Do what you have to do.  Just don’t do it out of a sense that they deserve it, or even that they are “responsible” since they are only some weird clay pot that a god has taken over in that moment, you need to be like “damn dude, you are totally bacchus right now”. instead of hating on the person PERFORMING the character, the actor the ACTION.  You can’t hold an individual responsible for “VIOLENCE” any more than you can hold them responsible for peeing.  They are responsible for their BEHAVIOR and this is different.

They can pee into a toilet instead of on your leg. And that happens through learning potty training.  We all pretty much need to learn to potty train our emotions in order for the next stage of human evolution to occur and give us a broader degree of freedom and liberty for all humans.

We need ways to make people accountable and responsible for their character plays in much bigger ways now because punishment and puny laws are not doing the trick.

this must occur on a wide scale conscious level. Deep inside each individual.

When you begin to do spiritual practices like Nei Gong , my awareness was raised thought the agency of Kelvin Dewolfe, you start to see very clearly through them, as your conscious mind raises up in awareness.  Or sometimes you just grew up new someone who was nearly completely taken over by their behavior so you saw it very strikingly.


These can be seen throughout the behavior of nations against each other as well, and echo into all walks of life.

In my Tarot deck that I made,

White Witch Tarot

I made up a new kind of spread that uses a control drama in order to gain insight on the situation. With the cards representing the Protagonist, the Antagonist and the Resolution, it starts to place our awareness into these categorical archetypal displays of a Character, much like in a dramatic play.

If we can see how shakespearean the world really is,

we can use this to help raise our awareness of it and prevent ourselves from getting sucked into playtime, playground Drama traps.

Elevate yourself into an understanding of these responses and don’t get angry when other people display them.  Be committed to sitting through it. WE are here forever with each other, might as well face these shenanigans now and quite just running away from everyone who has a character you don’t like gets in your face.  Help them and yourself through it by recognizing it and looking at what is laying underneath it.

Projection of influence

Imagine if every individual became completely responsible for their own energy, and could see when anyone exhibited this behavior, that they just had to reconnect to their energy source.  Like a baby whose umbilical cord has become twisted, many loose touch with their own innate ability to create energy, like the sun, and become vampires on each other due to a fear that they will die if they don’t get it from someone.

When you engage in an action of Manipulation, (and we all do, such is Human Nature, if that isn’t clear yet, it ain’t about you)

such as any of the above,

you may feel like you are in charge and even powerful.

In fact you just invited an Archon into you that is controlling you.

They have been around a long time. And you will not defeat them.

you must starve them, so they don’t eat you.

All Manipulators are only being MANIPULATED by the appetites (NEEDS) of the Archetypal force that is driving their choices when they are taken over by an Habitual behavior.

We all fall under the control of a slavish master when we engage in any DRAMA.

Look at any current political situation, for example and within it you will find these Characters driving the car.

As horrifying as it is, to think that we are all being possessed when we engage with a deep Emotional PRIMAL response behavior, its best to just rip the whole thing open so that we can see it and accept it already.

You don’t need to be shocked when someone does something, you need to see what is happening.

Who would Humans be, if they did not ever manipulate each other?  Can you even imagine?  If everyone made choices, not from a place of survival, but from a place of security?  Regardless of their outer circumstances?

Help everyone rise up through this, because even if you know about it, that isn’t enough, because you will come under the control drama of someone somewhere, sooner or later, wether directly or indirectly through your country you are living it that is run by one of the Archetypes.  Or many of them at the same time.

When we Practice divination techniques, such as the Tarot, Astrology, Runes or the I Ching we learn all about these characters and how everyone is rolling through the Pantheon as if there were a big gang bang going on deep inside of them of all these others occupying their Heart Space.  Choosing what actions to take.

Ironically the real meaning behind the story of Pinnochio addressed this, as it was written by a Freemason and goes over these truths in poetic detail.

Once we traverse through the Procession of characters, if we see them clearly enough, we can start to become ourselves.

Our real selves.

Our Golden selves.

This is what is called a Sovereign and Liberty, and it is the true destiny of humanity to reach a point where all are free from the bondage of the the archetypes, who are our ancestors and literally reside within our flesh and blood.

They form the Ring in heaven which the self that is our Sun keeps circling endlessly through.

Let’s all see through Humanity and raise it up on a spiral instead of the same old circle of Samsara we keep revolving in.

Time for a new story, that has never been told before.

Do something today that is not something you have ever done before, and maybe a different choice than has ever been made.


Do not let the grief of loss

Caused by the

Destruction of your

Self righteous Rage

be what awakens you

to the truth of Love

Punishment is taken through the wound

of endless circles.


This deeper understanding of human conflict is immensely important. When we gain insight into human conflict, we understand and resolve more than our day-to-day personal disagreements. We grasp the long-term secret of how to end conflicts of all kinds. Even those between larger groups of people.

The issue of Control Dramas goes all the way back to the root of existential struggles in humanity”


Eclipse Fairy Ring Throat Projection Reflection Conjunction Sickle


SO I was outside walking around soaking up the eclipse and I decided to take some pics with it,

and I took a picture and noticed there was something at my throat, and when I zoomed in it was a perfect reflection of the eclipse as a bounce back from my phone!!!


And then I looked down at where I had stoped and I was in a PERFECT MUSHROOM FAIRY RING!!



Zoom in on my Throat!!!


Eclipse Magic! 🙂

Thank you Nature!!!

plus then I was like omg its like my drawing with a sickle on my neck!!



The White Witch Tarot deck is coming soon!

I am pleased to announce

The Pre-orders and reservations are available for  THE WHITE WITCH TAROT deck made by yours truly that will be released through Red Feather press in August

I developed the images and wrote the Oracles for each of the 22 Arcana and organized an Alchemical, Shakespearean strategy for doing the spread.


Also available for pre-order on AMAZON

Use the transformative and healing power of the white witch as White Witch Maja D’Aoust explores the 22 Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot through meditative art and channeled mysteries in this stunning black and gold deck and companion guide. Use this deck as a traditional Tarot Majors-only system or delve into a technique using protagonists and antagonists pitted against each other until they reach unification, much like Shakespearean therapy where we explore problems via another lens. Learn to visualize and build your own reality by discovering answers to your deepest questions, bringing to light powerful truths and seeing the radiance of the self through a poetic treatment of the Majors. Created through decades of research into Alchemy and different divination modalities, this deck offers a fresh new perspective on using the cards to unveil what has been hidden.

I’ll have more information on events and availability this Summer

Thanks Guys!


We are gonna Time Travel backwards on Pegasus straight into the Swan Vagina; The March 2015 Equinox Eclipse


The cray cray eclipse going down on March 20th 2015 is all happening in the base of the four square group of stars that is Pegasus.

Now, this of course is according to the Western astrological system, and a quick perusal of the astrology for this EPIC eclipse and supermoon on the Spring Equinox will reveal an awful lot of pegasus talk, and God knows I like to talk about Pegasus.

So let’s talk about Pegasus, but from a  slightly different perspective.  Several of them actually.

If we use the Sidereal system of astrology, which takes into account the procession of the equinoxes, namely that we are TRAVELING through space, and are not standing still, we are not actually having the Equinox happen in Pegasus, but in the Swan (specifically at the star ARION).

Again, we are traveling through space, not standing still, nothing stands still ever. Everything is always much like that moment in “Horton Hears a Who” where all the who’s in who-ville are shouting at the top of their lungs.  That is like the universe, all the time.

A ginormous symphony of shouting in circles.

Say we understand not that western astrology is correct or that sidereal astrology is correct, but rather that they are both correct (and also not correct at all in places outside of space and time, whatever those may be).

There was a big stir a couple years back when an article about the serpent bearer, appropriately enough, got everyone in a tizzy because they all just found out about Sidereal astrology, so it caused everything to come into question.

Which brings us to an important point, the accuracy of all astrology.  If Sidereal is technically reflective of WHERE the planets are currently in relation to the zodiac, why does Western astrology work?  Because in terms of accuracy, the planets are sidereal, and so is the sun.  I can’t answer that but can say in my experience it lines up with events which I know through experience with my clients but only through feedback.  I have a theory that the “accuracy” isn’t actually why astrology works, I think it “works” by providing a system with which to begin a dialogue with the archetypes, and connection to heaven through stories.  By encouraging our eyeballs to stare at starlight, to drink and eat the light of the stars with wonder and self connection of our egos to things greater than ourselves transpersonally, it creates well being.  I think that making your mind think about outer space is why astrology works, by expanding our consciousness.

So sidereally, the Equinox will occur not at 29 degrees Pisces, but rather at between 5 and 6 degrees pisces.

This is conjunct the tail feathers in the constellation of the Swan.  We fly from one winged beast to another as we leap through time and space across heaven.

This is because of where we are in time and space, location wise in this “moment of now” whatever that may be.

If we go by pegasus, that was about 2,000 years ago

If we go by the tail feathers of the swan we are in the here and now.

If we time travel into the future 4,000 years, for the march equinox of 6015, for example, the Equinox will occur at 9 degrees Capricorn.


What the heck means anything at all then? Why bother all this stupid tracking and corresponding if everything keeps changing? Is nothing reliable or dependable? (remember always shaking and shouting not solid)


Before we can get into that, I have a useful Koan for you-

What is the difference between midnight and noon?

Now answer the question again,


what is the difference between midnight and noon when we set our clocks backwards for daylight savings?

Is your answer still the same ?

or did it change due to your perspective?

Now back to the equinox;

since the procession of the equinoxes goes “backwards” through the zodiac, heading from pisces to end in Aries we are shifting through time and space in that “direction”  from our perspective though.  Would you know where you are if you just started walking in one direction and never stopped?

What if you walked in more than one direction and never stopped, where would you be now?

So wait, what is the equinox?

The equinox is the point in outer space (from the earth’s perspective) where the sun crosses the celestial ecliptic (earth is on a tilt so it has two planes, so its literally the point where those two planes meet in our journey around the sun, it happens twice a year at opposite ends of the sky.



From one point in time, we WOULD be in the pegasus, from another we WOULD be in the swan tail, from another we WOULD be in capricorn.

so all of the above are true, at some point somewhere.

But isn’t all that matters NOW????

In so much material, and what Eckhart Tolle made famous is we must be in this moment right now.

so most folks

in our brains think that means just right now, this second as we are experiencing it linearly at some POINT in our lives isolated to a singular spot in our fleshy existence, we don’t even see now as all moments we shall exist from zygote to ashes (much less how many times we will go from zygote to ashes.)

so we see the now as a fragment, instead a complete whole.

My Spiritual teacher, Dr. Kelvin DeWolfe always says now isn’t even now.  In fact,  because of perception delay, the now we experience through our sensory perceptions is already the past, much like the starlight we see is already dead.

We are in effect chasing our tails, this now that we “know”

it would be like if we were in a hotel room in a giant skyscraper hotel, and we thought that out little brains, inside that hotel room were somehow experiencing everything in the entire hotel (but we don;t even know there is more to the hotel)

So weird right?

But what if you could, from your hotel room, also be in the whole hotel?

Well there is a little idea, as defined through the Algonquin and Micmac philosophies in this work that Dr. Dewolfe recommended:

No Word For Time, by Evan Pritchard,

what if now is actually NOT right now but ALL-WAYS (all directions) FOREVER


Can you be in your hotel room AND THE HOTEL (and in Polaris) all at the same time which is now?

Are you sitting reading this?

can you be reading it right now on your couch and also dead in your grave and also in your mothers womb and also the planet earth and also in the stars of Pegasus and the Swan??

Where and when is now for you?

Because I promise you, your when and where that is now, IS NOT BIG ENOUGH.

Don’t take it personally, just get over it.

When you look at the etymology of the word “now” it is revealed that it means “New” or UNKNOWN, something you have never had any experience of before:

new (adj.) Look up new at Dictionary.comOld English neoweniowe, earlier niwe “new, fresh, recent, novel, unheard-of, different from the old; untried, inexperienced,” from Proto-Germanic *newjaz (cognates: Old Saxon niuwi, Old Frisian nie, Middle Dutch nieuwe, Dutch nieuw, Old High German niuwl, German neu, Danish and Swedish ny, Gothic niujis “new”), from PIE *newo- “new” (cognates: Sanskrit navah, Persian nau, Hittite newash, Greek neos, Lithuanian naujas, Old Church Slavonic novu, Russian novyi, Latin novus, Old Irish nue, Welsh newydd “new”).

That means NOTHING that has ever happened to you really “matters” and everything grows into things that are not like before.

Except that we keep dancing around in circles in the zodiac, right? over and over in circles, hmmm, doesn’t seem very new at all, seems like the same old story.

SO this Equinox, at the time of the eclipse, on the butt of the swan or the shoulder of pegasus, or wherever in the processional parade of the stars you choose to be (BUT WHY NOT ALL OF THEM AND BEYOND) on THIS DAY of the equinox,  try to really, and truly, equally be everywhere, showing no particular presence or attachment or special designation to any single one of them, and maybe we can stop walking around in this parade that is the zootrope of samsara and get on to the next Celestial quantum leap through eternity.

Ironically and BEAUTIFULLY, the Star in Pegasus which IT WAS conjunct is called ” He who returns to where he came from”

and the Star in the Swan is know as the “SWAN’S SONG”, namely the beautiful crow the swan makes thanking God for its life as it dies.

BOTH of these stars seem to indicate the beginnings and endings of things are absolutely the same.

As we cross in time and space into ARIES, the BEGINNING, and the beginning of Spring and come out of PISCES the end and the death of all,

let us go alpha and omega,

LETS GO RAINBOW, as the scientists have just discovered, there is no beginning or end, only rainbows and intersecting arcs.


let us release the idea of Beginning and Endings for all time



“The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.”



Fountains of Blood The Supernatural Science of Immortality and Biological Magic


Tonight for your pleasure, the article SO TABOO no one would print it!  hahahahaha

My lovely writing partner Liz Armstrong and I have put together this Occult article of Phantasmagoria to provide you with the true horror of the vampiric cannibalistic practices of human beings.  Also there might be some menstrual blood stuff in there, and, oh yea, Kobe Bryant as well.

The excerpts of research are from our forthcoming book, Devouring God, which we are currently soliciting publishers for.




The Case of the Cupcake that Proved the Existence of Magic (even though the cupcake was never there)


I was having a discussion about magical types of things,

with a person,

and the person I was having the discussion with

told me,

quite matter of factly,

that they did not believe in magic.

So I stated I thought that was fine because belief was actually not necessary, it could be experienced first hand.

“prove it” was the response.

Ok fine,

name something you want.

Ok, I want a cupcake, with a cherry on the top.  I want a cupcake with a cherry on top on the corner of my desk.

If you can make a cupcake with a cherry on it appear on my desk, magic is real.

I took a piece of paper and said ok,

as I drew with a pencil a picture of a cupcake, I said, like this?  is this what you want?

Yes that is it, that is exactly what I want, was the reply.

Ok fine, but time is funny with magic, so give it a little time.


So, we waited.

And then.

one day,

a child came into his office and was sitting at his desk,

the child had drawn, with a pencil and paper

a picture of a cupcake,

with a cherry on top.

and left it in the exact corner of the desk.

A literal translation of the request, the exact replica of the object projected.

And then we

stopped having conversations

about whether or not magic was real.


Worst Curse Mcgurst

The only thing worse than a curse,

is someone telling you that you have to give them huuuuge amounts of money to remove a curse you don’t even have.

This post was born of necessity due to the sheer volume I experience in this area.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many clients come to see me that complain that they have been told someone put a curse on them by a “psychic” that then charged them out the nose to eradicate it.

One obviously poor older woman came in and told me she had paid one woman $5000 so far (meaning she owed her more) to keep her family safe from curses.  She was shocked when I told her she didn’t need to do it anymore, and actually expressed FEAR for the woman who was saving her from the curse.  She said she had to keep going to her, or else SHE might put a curse on her.  What a mess.

I gave her the run down on IF she had a curse, (which was unlikely) some simple things SHE could do on her own to counter it, the total for her supplies was around $20.  She was utterly flabbergasted that she could protect herself and really believed she had no power in the situation whatsoever.

Worse than that, one male client came in, he was a hard working manual laborer and he was in three years deep and 18 grand with a woman who was supposedly staving off disaster for him.

I think it is important to state here, the “gypsy” con is alive and well, and people continue to fall for it.  AND they think that is all psychics do, swindle people!!  Con men are everywhere, just because you go to a mechanic that charges you hundreds of dollars and does nothing, it is the same dishonest behavior as these alleged psychics.

The hapless fellow mentioned above came in to see me to see if there really was a curse, like getting a second opinion from a doctor, you know?  Now this case was particularly interesting because of the response given by I Ching.  For him, he was concerned because the curse was a FAMILY curse, like Bruce Lee style, and he was mostly worried about his family, not himself.  He did legitimately have an unusual tale about the woes of the men in his family, so we asked I Ching:

Is there a curse on my family?

The response was Hexagram 18.  NO changing lines.

Now this was really tricky for me as a reader.  Hexagram 18 is on the surface CORRUPTION, meaning the whole situation is gross, corrupt, rotten, fishy etc. BUT it also means BLACK MAGIC.  Specifically black magic passed from parents to their children (in the Karcher translation);

GU: Poison, venom, harm, putrefaction, decay, to bewitch, to enchant. 

So I was like DANG!!! This dude actually might have a curse on his family!  It was either that, OR just a reference to the corruption of the woman he had been seeing, but it was certainly pointing to the possibility of a curse being correct.  I asked him a bunch more questions and we found out his Grandfather had a mistress who could have been a romanian witch, who was very mad that he wouldn’t leave his family.

More importantly, I asked him if he had seen any changes in his family luck since he had started paying this woman. Well, the answer was no.  So my whole deal was like, listen if someone is charging you that much money, you better see something happen!!  He too, was reluctant to stop seeing the woman out of fear that she would in turn retaliate against him.

I get so mad at these psychic bullies!!

So instead of continuing the reading I taught him how to denature the curse himself, and protect himself from any advances on the part of the “psychic” who had been “protecting” him.

Neither of these stories are meant to say that no one has curses on them, I feel like people curse each other ALL the time without even being aware of it, negative thoughts towards another are like spirit darts that can effect those who are susceptible,  All you have to do is have an encounter with an asshole to figure out how palpable that feels.

Now, people who do put curses on people are not demigods, or superheros (or villians) they are people, just like you.  So if a curse comes from a person, well, you are a person too. Now, it could be true that some people have more PRACTICE and have put a lot of time into cursing people.  Just like a well trained athlete or musician or anyone who has dedicated themselves to a craft.  But rules are rules, and magic has rules too. No one is above the law.  It is the same feeling ANYONE has when coming up against something that is bigger than themselves.  think about anyone who has had a case go to the supreme court, or had to fight the banking system.  Or is fighting a disease that seems unconquerable.


Would I doubt for a second that people really put curses on each other?  Of course not.  People do all manner of terrible things to each other, just to pass the time, why would Black Magic not exist when we make bombs?  Because of people’s conscience?  Clearly that is not the case.  The sad thing to me is that people are feeling down right low (sometimes to the point of suicide) as a result of these “curses” and go seeking help much like you would to go see a doctor, and then get taken advantage of for thousands of dollars (much like some doctors 0_o, or mechanics).  Since there aren’t really standards or regulations for witches the way people deal with it is, well, lets just burn *all* witches since some of them seem to be questionable.  This would be like burning all scientists because one of them made a bomb (or the AIDS virus, what?).

If you google “curse removal” you will find hundreds of sites that charge a lot of money and claim to be able to remove curses and break spells for people.  It is also true that there are very old tried and true methods of dealing with these things, that have of course been around as long as curses have.

My solution is to teach everyone magic, just like we teach everyone science, to remove the advantage of the power trippers.

I get hundreds of letters from people who claim to have a curse on them begging for help. Usually, when it comes down to it, it is involving a relationship going bad.  Statistically, more often than not, folks who claim to have curses had it happen in a love triangle of some sort.  Not always, but from my letters it is easily 80 percent.  Maybe I can find someone who won’t mind me sharing their letter.  I swear after the last one all I wanted to do was send ALL the other letters I had gotten to show her she was not alone and that this is surprisingly common (in my world at least).  The vast majority of folks I get claiming curses are Single mothers, interestingly enough.  I wonder if anyone has run any statistics on that.

My feeling about the whole thing is the curse victim feels a disempowerment, a hopelessness at the hands of another, a victimization that they feel they can do nothing about.  they are almost religious about their curses.

So I thought I would share with all of you, my prescription, if you think someone has placed some janky jank upon you, try doing some of these things:

1.  Never think of the person who cursed you again.  Ever.  Your thoughts of fear feed the curse.  So here is your first lesson in wizardry, control your mind.  If you HAVE to see the other person around, like you can’t get away from them, think of the word LOVE everytime you are around them and look at them in their eyes while thinking that word. or think of the word GOD.  It’s super awesome.

2. Give yourself a nice cleanse.  use salt water, sage, mugwort, frankencense and other time tested plants of clearing the miasma that has surrounded you.

3.  Imagine the curse as a thing in front of you, as a big black ball, and grab it in your hand and turn it into a sun.  Have fun and laugh while you do this.

4.  MAKE JOKES.  Laughter kills gnarly things pretty good.  Or at least you have fun while you are dying, also important.  Also make jokes about your curse giver, not shit talking, but really really funny jokes, there is a difference.

Some mistakes people make:

Dont try to give the curser a curse, now you are just getting all crazy and mad and weird.

Dont think about DEFEATING the curse in glorious victory, now you are giving it uber fantasy energy and making a phantom of it that you will just have to get rid of later.  Don’t try to “show them” how powerful you are, rather act in humilty.

BUT if you DO go to an amazing powerful beautiful witch, because you feel like you need some extra mojo, ask them questions about what is going on, get specific, ask them specifically what they are going to do and how much they will charge you.   If they wont tell you what they are doing, its like a doctor that wont tell you what kind of surgery he is going to give you, maybe time to go.  But there are SO MANY GREAT light workers who are 100 percent legit in my personal experience, ask around read yelp, do some research to find the right person.  You can go see a witch, go get Reiki, get a healing from someone who gives you the good belly tingles when you stand in front of them.  Use your spidey senses!  And most importantly, DONT take yourself and your own power out of the equation.

If you have managed to seriously get some old school freak on you about something, in that case, I would spend the money to hire a shaman,  I would not go to your local palm reader, any more than you would go to rite aid to get an appendectomy.   Search for a Native American (who might laugh at you and say you deserve it, which would be true if you are white) who has hopefully died before and has no fear of anything.   Its that, or get serious about your meditation practice and lift it yourself  (always good, and then YOU get magic <magic is born of discipline>).