Sleep is Death Except for Breath



How awake do you think you are?

Do you think you are awake now?

Here is a game for you to play.


Try and see how long you can remember that you are breathing.

Try and see how long you can feel your breath

fill your body in a crashing wave

and pour out in waterfalls

before your mind,

wanderer that it is,

stuck in the tar of a spell of forgetting

goes back to its oblivion.

Can you feel it now?  Have these words placed your mind within yourself again?

For these shapes are a road entering your eyes

and will lead you to yourself who you are striving to ignore

but only if you make an action

small but sure and everyday

try and make it 5 minutes,

feeling every breath.

Can you feel your chest rise and fall for one whole day?

a week?

a year?


Are your strong arms

ready for the task

of grabbing the bird that is your spirit

and never letting go?

or will you grow weary

and give up

to rest in the river.


Just as your breath shall go on

uncalled, unthought of,  unconscious,

(even when you are sleeping)

at any moment we choose,

we can control it completely and be fully aware of it,

so too the soul may rise into our awareness, although currently unknown

waiting patiently

all the while driving the force of every breath

(known or unknown)

Turn your direction to it only slightly

and your spirit drops in

as your own mind to your breathing.

-White Witch